There’s an intro for everything…whether its ur new day in college or job…whether u r writing an article or an answer in ur exam this is an intro for my blog…hmm so here i 2nd attempt in writing a blog…last time i deleted it..hopefully i wont this time..:)

so wat is this all about…???its abt life…a life i live…and moreover a life i wud lyk to live…its abt love..d one i have and the one i wud love to have..abt dreams,aspirations,confusions,hopes and karma…its a blend of everything…

the main reason i am writing this is for myself..i dont know if anyone wud ever read this or not but atleast i wud read it…think abt the things i can do..or the things i cud have done…i love writing and for a long tym i stopped doing that…nw that i’ve loads of time aftr finishing college and being unemployed i cud use this as a way to pass my time n infact learn frm evrything i hv written…

so this is it for 2day…i hope to write more n more,i hope to b happy,i hope to liv…i hope and that is what means a lot to me ryt nw…:)


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