Confusion-Part 2…haha

hamesha aisa kyun hota hai ki aap jis cheej k peeche bhagte ho wo cheej aapse or door bhagti hai….??? why are we never happy with what we have. Or is it only in my case?  There was a time i wanted to get out of bangalore. and on my last day there this was my facebook status….

“exactly 7 years ago i came to bangalore & i hated this city ryt frm d moment i stepped in…but 2day on my last day here i’ve realised that more den ne thing or ne one m gonna miss this city…days at MEG,11th or 12th ki masti,tuitions at indiranagar,brigade MG me akele ghoomna…shoppping at commercial…ulsoor n sankey lake mai jake apne gum bhulana…colg & hostel…so many ppl came into my lyf n so many left it…in the end all i’ve left wid are memories…good bye bangalore….:(”


I miss that place…i miss bangalore rains, i miss that independent life…:-( i want to go back but i cant.
31st august is my convocation day. And i am NOT going. I cant wear that black graduation dress i always dreamt about.
what is most dramatic is that i’ve missed all important days of college life.
i missed the orientation for freshers, i missed the department farewell and now i am going to miss the convocation!!!
Why does this always happen to me???
Is this because of my karma or my kismet??
i dont know whether i’ll ever have the opportunity to wear that black graduation gown. May be if i do post graduation.  Well that is what i’ve thought about but when has life been the way i planned it to be. Its always been the opposite.
As for now i can only hope it to turn out OKAY. I dont want huge amount of money, a lavish lifestlye or anything. I just want to be happy. If god cant give me what i want He can at least teach me to be happy with what i have. Is that a lot to ask for???????

5 thoughts on “Confusion-Part 2…haha

  1. na na..not a lot to ask for. But surely a lot when it comes to applying the principle of be happy with what you have. And why are you missing your convocation. Please don’t. 😦
    And about Bangalore, I was in the city for two months and trust me apart from the climate, I didn’t like anything else. But, had it been 7 years, I guess I also would have felt the same. But, don’t worry, new beginnings and adventures await you and soon you will embrace a new place with happy memories of the past while creating many more new happy memories for the future. So smile 🙂


    • well i have some prior engagements at home…besides all the roads here are blocked because of heavy rainfall..i cant go even if i want to… 😦
      as for bangalore…i hated it for first 3 years..its only after i joined college i realised that it is indeed heaven. it is one such place in India where you can be what u want one will ever look at you even if u are wearing a sweater on a sunny day or if you are wearing shorts in winters…its like no one cares and after some point of time you start falling in love with it…:-)
      as for now u’ve made me smile with your wishes…thank you… 🙂


      • I will pray that the road blockage goes *puffffhhh in the air*. You will go you will go, don’t worry 🙂
        you hated it for 3 yrs, I thought I am being judgmental since I was there only for 2 months. But, now my hatred to some extent is justified. 😉
        Your Welcome…Keep Smiling 🙂


      • no m not going… 😦 now its impossible but i’ve accepted it now…its okay… 🙂
        bangalore can be irritating sometimes but its a nice place…u just need to spend more time there…:-)


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