31st august has finally arrived. For me it’s a normal day but for thousands of my batch mates its graduation day. So they’ll be in college collecting their degrees- the phal of 4 years of hard work (masti, time pass, vellapanti, whatever you would like to call it)  while I am sitting here and blogging. 😦

As a matter of fact, I am not even feeling that miserable. It’s kind of okay. So here it goes- my list of all those things to feel happy about missing your convocation-

  1. First one is surely economical; I’ve saved a sum of almost 20k. This would have been the minimum required amount for a round trip to Bangalore plus stay at Bangalore. My parents must be proud of me today. I’ll get the degree by post without burning a hole in their pocket. 🙂
  2. I need not listen to the lengthy, boring or worse kannada speeches. 😉
  3. I can do some more productive in all that time I would have wasted there like studying or watching movies.
  4. I need not answer the rapid fire question rounds from my teachers/friends/enemies.

–  Still at home ah?

–  What do you do all day at home?

–  Didn’t get job ah?

–   Got admission anywhere?

5. I’ve decided not to use facebook until all this graduation day crap is history for everyone. So you see I save a lot of       time I would have otherwise wasted in aimless facebooking.

6. My best friend from college is also not attending the convocation. We were together since the very first day in college and we both are not attending the official last day of college. This proves our long lasting friendship. 🙂

7. It would have sucked to leave Bangalore one more time. 😦

8. I don’t get to hear,’ you know I got into this this university’; ‘you know my dad is sending me to the US’ kind of crap. So I am practically saved of all the ’post convo depression’.

9. Most importantly I get to write a new post on this topic…!!! 😎

So this is my list of all the things I could think of. If you have any more reasons you can always comment and I’ll add it to the list.

At the end of the day, yes it does feel bad to miss your own convocation but right now I am just thinking that whatever happens ,happens for good…. 🙂


  1. Lol….. i do feel like skipping my own convocation now after knowing about yours….. in my case i am sure the list of things would be even worse! :p hahahhahaa! By the congrats on your convocation! Its a moment of joy! 😀


      • Black gown! lol….. black cloak for me at least! It makes anyone look silly! and i am already silly enough to look more silly in that silly outfit! :p


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