Hospital Yatra!!

Quite unusual title right? But that is what i do most. I’ve visited every single hospital in every city i’ve been to. The reason for that is my mom. And some of my other family members.

Now that i am here i’ve got the privilege to visit new hospitals again. Tomorrow i am going with my cousins. I just denied one opportunity today, with my aunt.

While i was in Bangalore i saw a whole lot of hospitals. I even got a favorite among them, its Manipal.  That was when my mom was paralyzed. It was in 2008, when i had my board exams. That was the worst time of my life. But Manipal was fun. I’ve done lots of maths there, when i used to go there to visit my mom.

A day before that i was in Jayadeva.

Even the day i got my board results, i was in an hospital. I went to Narayana Hriduyalaya with my mom. The basic reason for that was i didnt want to see my results so i switched off my phone and went there.

Before i joined college, i loved visiting hospitals. I once went to Bangalore medical college with my brother. I wanted to be a doctor back then. Everytime i used to look at medical students i wanted to be one among them. When i joined engineering everything changed. I really dont want to go into all that.

God didnt help me to be a doctor but yes he did help me to see a whole lot of hospitals.

Its been 3 months here, in this new town and Right now my count is 4. Tomorrow its going to be 5. 🙂

Thankfully, pithoragarh mai sirf ek hi hospital tha but when i was there i had been to many clinics. Small town you know, not so many hospitals.

Whenever i tell my friends about my hospital yatras, i smile, i laugh, i make fun of it. But you know why i am writing this today, because it sucks, i am tired of going to hospitals. I no longer want to go and see some more doctors and see everyone try some new medicines on my mom.

I wanted to be a doctor because i had seen my mom ill since the day i remember. And i couldnt be one because my mom had a stroke in the most important year of my life. 2008 changed my life, my career, my dreams. It changed me. I was always a so called topper of my class. After that i was no one. I left studying. And i am still that, a no one!!!

Anyways i’ve to sleep early today because YIPPEEE…..a visit to a new hospital tomorrow!!!! 🙂

P.S.: I’ve never been to a beach!!!! 😦





This is what i am these days….i’ve disappeared for a lot of people out there…i dont know why i am doing this but it kind of feels good… 🙂

I’ve deleted my facebook profile…hehe…Yup…a facebook addict like me has done this…adding to that i am also not receiving any phone calls, i mean except my family members and 2 of my friends i’ve decided not to be in contact with anyone. Facebook depresses me. Right now my life sucks. And when i see people’s awesome pics and status updates i just cant help myself.  Yaar i dont know why people want to publicize everything in their lives.

- Placed @ so & so... :-)
- go goa!!!
- got my first salary
- can access all the journals without restriction from my university!! :-)

You know a guy even posted the picture of the 1st 500 rupee note he has earned. He’s sick, I mean who does that yaar. People leave no stone unturned to make  someone like me feel bad. Besides that i used to waste a heck amount of time there.  So i took this extreme step of deleting my facebook account.

I know i am just running away from reality. But this seems right at this moment.

There is no progress in my studies. I am still stuck where i was. All i do is day dream. Yes, i know i’ve to study and i want to do that too but i give up everyday. I try a lot but in the end i am lost in my own world. I dont know why i think so much. Starting from December i’ve exam every month till July. I am giving every single entrance exam in India to do post graduation.  But filling application form is not enough right, i’ve to fill the answer sheets too. But how’ll i do that if i keep wasting my time like this. I dont know what would be my future like.

You know i always used to think that i am extraordinary. Someday i’ll surely do something out of this world but i am too lazy to be that. Everytime i pray to God not to miraculously make my life better but to give me strength and some akal,
par wo sunta kahan hai meri??? 

For the moment i am enjoying being gayab!! Soon i am going to change my number too…haha… 🙂