Hospital Yatra!!

Quite unusual title right? But that is what i do most. I’ve visited every single hospital in every city i’ve been to. The reason for that is my mom. And some of my other family members.

Now that i am here i’ve got the privilege to visit new hospitals again. Tomorrow i am going with my cousins. I just denied one opportunity today, with my aunt.

While i was in Bangalore i saw a whole lot of hospitals. I even got a favorite among them, its Manipal.  That was when my mom was paralyzed. It was in 2008, when i had my board exams. That was the worst time of my life. But Manipal was fun. I’ve done lots of maths there, when i used to go there to visit my mom.

A day before that i was in Jayadeva.

Even the day i got my board results, i was in an hospital. I went to Narayana Hriduyalaya with my mom. The basic reason for that was i didnt want to see my results so i switched off my phone and went there.

Before i joined college, i loved visiting hospitals. I once went to Bangalore medical college with my brother. I wanted to be a doctor back then. Everytime i used to look at medical students i wanted to be one among them. When i joined engineering everything changed. I really dont want to go into all that.

God didnt help me to be a doctor but yes he did help me to see a whole lot of hospitals.

Its been 3 months here, in this new town and Right now my count is 4. Tomorrow its going to be 5. 🙂

Thankfully, pithoragarh mai sirf ek hi hospital tha but when i was there i had been to many clinics. Small town you know, not so many hospitals.

Whenever i tell my friends about my hospital yatras, i smile, i laugh, i make fun of it. But you know why i am writing this today, because it sucks, i am tired of going to hospitals. I no longer want to go and see some more doctors and see everyone try some new medicines on my mom.

I wanted to be a doctor because i had seen my mom ill since the day i remember. And i couldnt be one because my mom had a stroke in the most important year of my life. 2008 changed my life, my career, my dreams. It changed me. I was always a so called topper of my class. After that i was no one. I left studying. And i am still that, a no one!!!

Anyways i’ve to sleep early today because YIPPEEE…..a visit to a new hospital tomorrow!!!! 🙂

P.S.: I’ve never been to a beach!!!! 😦




6 thoughts on “Hospital Yatra!!

  1. A very touching and sincere post dear! some instances in life do change many things but sometimes the passion remains…n in ur case a hospital reappearing every time…may be in ur crucial time but might be ur love to tht place always helps u in having a positive effectand hope.


  2. Hey gal, I am sure things will change for you and you will do great in life. Just be patient and work towards it 🙂
    Btw This one is for you (One Lovely Blog Award). However, you do not have to follow the rules if you don’t wish to. They have just been put for formality sake. This is just to let you know that I love reading your posts. They are very sincere and right from the heart. I can relate to it. It makes my day complete. Thanks!! Keep it coming 🙂
    Lots of love!!


    • thanks a lot…your appreciation means a lot to me….i am short of words….thank you so much…!!!
      thanks for this lovely award…..:-)


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