Making my way through the world alone,

I was tired of fighting, living on my own,

And then you came along….

It was mid September the first time we talked,

Since then the journey has begun and together we have walked.

Though in imagination, we have done it all;

You remember those lengthy texts and all night calls?

I never thought I would fall for you,

‘No’ was what I always told you.

You said you were happy just being friends,

Of love you said, you had no clue.

But things had changed, that was something we both knew,

And so the days passed and the confusion grew.

We were sleepless through days and nights,

Every second our thoughts took flights.

Friendship, emotions, desperation and fights- we had it all,

But I was always scared of that ‘fall’.

I knew it was coming one or the other day,

You said the final decision was all my say.

And after all those NOs I said yes,

And I was the one who turned it all into a mess.

I was a vamp; I made you my prey,

I wanted to go; you made me to stay,

And proved once again that you are my best friend,

And whatever it is, this relation would never end.

So it started all over again,

And with time we both turned insane.

There was nothing we didn’t talk about,

We were in love; there was no doubt,

Thankfully this time I didn’t back out,

‘I love you’ was what I wanted to shout.

So this is how it all began again,

Having me in your life; you became a lucky man!!!

Though apart but not so far,

You made my wish come true like a shooting star.

I hope this magic never fades away,

And the depth of our love grows day by day!!!!