YIPPEEE……one more award!!!

This couldn’t get any better….i am in love with blogging…. 🙂 What else could have brought me so many awards….not many actually but yes the 2nd one…..all thanks to Ti….she has been so inspiring and supportive since the very beginning….she is so sweet…she even asked me not to follow any rules….i think all of you are well aware of my rule breaking character by now….but i am going to follow all…..hmmmm sorry not all but a few rules here……

it took me so long to write this post because i was thinking of these 7 things about me….

1. I spend almost 16 hours a day thinking nonsense. 🙂

2. I hate sleeping. I love dreaming.

3. I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. Their songs are just awesome.

4. I have a pet cat named Bhola. He is so cute. Right now he’s sleeping next to me.

5. I love to dance but i am not trained. But Once i finish college and everything i am surely going to join a dance school. Seekhne ki koi umar nhi hoti right???

6. I think i cant write more then 5. I seriously cant follow rules…hehe…

7. Yup i got the 7th one…my laptop sucks…i couldn’t write a post since 2-3 days because my laptop gave up again. After spending almost 6k in repairing it, it still doesnt work properly. Jab mood hota hai start ho jata hai and jab mood hota hai it shuts down. 😦

so the next rule is to nominate fellow bloggers for this lovely award…i know most of you already have it..yet ye dil maange more ryt….! and this is to tell you all that i just love reading your posts and you are all so lovely people out there……

Here goes the list…..







i just want you all to accept this award and just feel good about it…

if you want to follow any rule its fine…if not,its your wish….

i just want to let you know how special you all are…!!! 🙂

here’s mine and now yours the one and only lovely blog award….hehe


The first time we met,

That’s the day i can never forget!

You wore a black jacket,

I, a purple sweater,

We were at the airport,

It couldn’t get any better.

I was nervous, i had my fear.

That was the first time you were so near.

I saw you smiling While you were standing up there,

And i noticed i was darker than you, you were so fair.

I couldn’t look into your eyes any longer,

I acted like a mess, i wish i was stronger.

You asked me how i was when i walked towards you,

Couldn’t you see the storm in my eyes, the one i was going through?

I told you i am fine as we walked to the car,

That wasn’t our destination, we had to go far…

“Today was a fairy tale” on the radio going on,

I couldn’t help but smile on the lyrics of the song.

Things got better on a journey that long,

I knew i loved you and there was nothing wrong.

Sitting next to you, it felt so warm,

Yes we were different but we got well along.

Though i was weak before, with you i was strong.

Soon the journey got over, few moments were what we had,

Eight hours passed by, yet seemed like a second.

I smiled, you smiled back- no words exchanged.

It was time to part ways…..and in the end, it rained!