The first time we met,

That’s the day i can never forget!

You wore a black jacket,

I, a purple sweater,

We were at the airport,

It couldn’t get any better.

I was nervous, i had my fear.

That was the first time you were so near.

I saw you smiling While you were standing up there,

And i noticed i was darker than you, you were so fair.

I couldn’t look into your eyes any longer,

I acted like a mess, i wish i was stronger.

You asked me how i was when i walked towards you,

Couldn’t you see the storm in my eyes, the one i was going through?

I told you i am fine as we walked to the car,

That wasn’t our destination, we had to go far…

“Today was a fairy tale” on the radio going on,

I couldn’t help but smile on the lyrics of the song.

Things got better on a journey that long,

I knew i loved you and there was nothing wrong.

Sitting next to you, it felt so warm,

Yes we were different but we got well along.

Though i was weak before, with you i was strong.

Soon the journey got over, few moments were what we had,

Eight hours passed by, yet seemed like a second.

I smiled, you smiled back- no words exchanged.

It was time to part ways…..and in the end, it rained!

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