Not Good Enough For You….

You dont need me the way i do,

I guess i am just not good enough for you.

I’ve cried for you a million times,

But you could never see the redness in my eyes.

I’ve always believed together we are meant to be,

But you’ve proved me wrong every time you said you cant stay with me.

You say you dont love me any more,

It was just a phase in your life..

All my wounds have turned sore,

Did you lie when you said one day i’ll be your wife?

Is it so easy for you to forget what we had?

Tell me, just tell me was i so bad?

You made me believe.

You made me alive.

Then why are you today,

just letting me die?

I was a fool,

i thought this love is true.

But i didn’t know it then,

I was just not good enough for you!