Three Girls and Their Little Adventure- Part 1

It was March 2012, few months before graduation when the three of us decided to go for a small trip. Initially we had planned to go to Mysore but the trip covered a lot many places in the end.

It all started one day when after coming back from college me, my roommate and my best friend realized that we three never went for a trip together. We had been to trips with our other friends but never the three of us. It was almost 1pm when we were discussing about it and in exactly one hour we were at majestic railway station. Yup, we were so fast. We packed our bags, decided we’ll go to Mysore if not any faraway places, took an auto and there we were at the station.

You get both buses and trains every hour for Mysore from Bangalore so it’s not a tough job. We were standing at the queue to buy tickets. None of us had ever travelled by a local train before but we so badly wanted to do that. While standing in the queue I was worried about whether we need Identity cards to travel by a train. As I told you we were never in a train before all alone so I was confused about it. As we three were arguing whether we need IDs or not, a really cute guy standing next to us answered that we don’t need it. Okay, we three were just looking at him. This was the first sign that our trip is going to be great. 🙂

As we got into the train, we saw that again. He too was going by the same train and guess what he was looking for us as he came to the same compartment as we were. 😉

It was Saturday so there were a lot many people travelling. We didn’t get seats as expected. And I don’t know what was on our minds that day, we sat on the floor.  The cute guy was standing next to us. But duffers as we were we didn’t talk to him.

Travelling with the Sky

We were just damn excited about this journey. The expressways are faster than the normal local trains so we reached Mysore in a matter of 2 and half hours.My friend’s aunt lives in Mysore, and luckily she and her family were out of town, so we had the whole house for ourselves. The bus service in Mysore is really well. And the traffic is so much better than Bangalore.  And by 7 we were at home. The first thing we did was to switch on the TV. As there was no TV in our hostel it was like the best thing happening to us since a long time. As my friend said we were behaving like villagers, as if we are getting the opportunity to watch a TV for the first time. 😉

Anyways, the very first problem was dinner. None of knew how to cook, and we were very hungry by then. We didn’t see any restaurants nearby, what we saw were a few Thelas. We were a little apprehensive about eating at a thela first because none of us had done that before but as there was no other option we decided to go for it. The food was okay and we were happy. We even bought a watermelon while going back to the room.

That night we just watched TV and slept, we had made a lot of plans for the next day.

Next morning we got up, dressed our best (pics for fb remember?) and went to the bus stop. By then we hadn’t realized that we don’t which bus do we actually have to take. We were staying at a place near Infosys which was faraway from the main town. We asked a shopkeeper and he told us to first take a bus to the main bus stop and then go to the respective tourist places from there. We got a bus soon and we reached the main bus terminal.  Our first destination was the Chamundeswari temple. It is situated at a hill top known as the Chamundi hills. Me and my friend had been there before so we didn’t want to go there but we had to because of my roommate.

Chamundeswari temple

A statue outside the temple

After almost 30 minutes we reached there and for the month of march it was very hot that time. There is a coupon system in almost all the temples in south India. It was Rs. 20 for a normal darshan and Rs. 100 for special darshan. As my roommate went inside we two were outside clicking pictures.

Lord Shiva

After she was done we took a bus for the mysore zoo.It is one among the most notable zoo in India. My friends weren’t so keen on visiting the zoo but seriously I was dying to be there. I love places like those. As we entered the zoo, there was a really beautiful statue of lord Shiva at the entrance which had a fountain.

My first giraffe

The first animal we saw was a  giraffe and you wont believe this- that was the first time I actually saw a giraffe in my life and trust me it was so wonderful. I was laughing like a kid and saying “yaar first time giraffe dekh rhi hun, kitna shi hai na” and my friends were laughing at me.

It’s a huge zoo, you have to walk for almost 5 kilometers and my friends weren’t happy with that. We were hungry and it was so hot out there. It was almost 3pm and we were still left with the Mysore palace and someone told us that the palace doors would be closed by 4. So we had like an hour left to enter the palace and we had a long journey back to the place we were staying too.

We took a bus again. The palace is very close to the zoo but we got down at a wrong stop. Because of that we had to walk a lot. Our legs were hurting, and we were still hungry. Anyways we reached the palace 10 minutes before 4. As all of us had already seen the palace from inside, we just wandered outside, clicked a lot many pictures. I had heard that the palace looks really beautiful once it lights up. I and my roommate had never seen at night so we badly wanted to see it today but we knew that if we wait till 7, it would be quite late for us to go back. So with lots of regret we decided to leave. It was almost 6 when we were at the exit. There was a policeman there who told us that we wont get a bus here and to reach the bus stop we had to walk again. We were too tired to walk more and we requested him to stop a bus for us. And luckily he agreed. So, we were at the exit with the policeman waiting for a bus, sad for the fact that we wouldn’t be able to see the lights. But, I guess god had other plans for us, not a single bus came for a long time. It was 6:45, the palace lights were glowing up one by one. I mean it starts from the huge lamp posts, then the boundaries, then the lights on the tomb structures. As time passed, it all became so exciting. Just 5 minutes left for the whole palace to light up, our heart beats were racing truly. It was exactly 7 when the bus came, the palace lightened up and the policemen ran to stop the bus for us. He shouted while we were busy clicking pictures. It was so much fun, we were laughing, everyone present there was laughing at us.  Well, we got into the bus and around 8 we were at our room.

Different hues of the Palace

It was a great day, specially the way it ended.

I wanted to cover this awesome trip of ours in this post only but a lot of it is left and with pictures and everything this has become quite a lengthy post so I’ll cover up the other day in another post. Till then keep reading and keep blogging… 🙂

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