The Battle

I cant write



Every time i pick up

my pen,

it reminds me of

all the things we used to do.


after fighting myself for hours

and hours,

i end up,

writing songs for u…. 😦

7 thoughts on “The Battle

  1. That is the wonderful way of outpouring the emotional cue,
    which will help u in achieving your dreams come true…
    suppressing the feelings will never help,
    facing the facts is the only thing left,
    have the belief in yourself,
    that you are worth of getting a love that is selfless… 🙂


  2. In a far away land,
    A land of no man under the open sky,
    Where an uncountable number of words taouch him and pass by,
    He sit’s under the shade,
    And has ‘Something Else This Very Time’ to raid!
    But he is an Alchemist, and he denies that
    That the words he pick up speak of his trait!

    That’s so natural for a poet to try to explore altogether new world everytime and write a poetry! But he ends up writing what his heart speaks! Afterall, you can’t hide youself from your own words! That’s the weakness of a poet! 🙂


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