What’s your WORD?

Anyone who has read Elizabeth Gilbert’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love, would be well aware of this question. In the book Elizabeth once had a conversation with her friend about ‘her word’. She says that every person and a place have a word, a word that defines them, a word to which they belong.  She chose a word ‘Antavasin’ for herself which is a Sanskrit word and means ‘one who lives at the border’.

Since the day I read that book this was the only question on my mind, “what’s my word?” and finally I’ve got the answer. Actually, I didn’t get just one answer. I’ve two words. I couldn’t pick one among these two. So here they are……

  1. Perhaps– My word number one. I love this word. Perhaps, I was wrong. Perhaps, I wasn’t.  Well you could use it anywhere. It denotes a possibility, a certain kind of uncertainty. I just love to say it, p-e-r-h-a-p-s.
  2. Atript– This is a Hindi word which means ‘unsatisfied’ and that is what defines me. Ek atript insan hun mai (I am an unsatisfied soul). Tripti ki talash mai khoi hui. (lost in the search for contentment)

When you first see this question, you would find it rather easy. Just a word right, but it actually is a tough job. Finding a word among hundreds and thousands, a word which defines you is actually not so easy. Trust me. I had a hard time finding these two words. Yet, I couldn’t select one among them. I gave up and thus wrote two words here.

So what are you thinking? As soon as you find your word, write it up here and define yourself. Define yourself in a way you would wish people to remember you forever. Define who you are in a word. That isn’t a tough job to do right? Try it.




The Wish

I wish to fly,

Far away to places

I’ve never been.

Unknown, untold places.

And wish,

I could never come back,


Hard I try.


I am tired of walking,

Falling, rising up,

And falling again.

Tired of living a false life.

Tired of this lie.

I wish,

To stay far,

And find myself,

And find my soul.


I could call mine.

And I wish,

To live,

For few moments.

Just few moments,

Before I die.