The Third Child

When the third child was born,

No one was joyous.

Alas!  it was a girl,

The mourning was obvious.

The third child would smile anyway, now and then

She didn’t know it, the world is a dark den.

Her smile and eyes won everyone’s love,

And it was her mom who protected her little dove.

The third child grew up to be a lovely innocent girl.

With rosy cheeks, round face touched up by a curl.

She smiled yet wasn’t happy all along.

She understood the world now, knew there was something wrong.

The mom and dad weren’t bounded by love but by obligations.

And given a chance they would run to different directions.

She saw love everywhere, books, and movies but not at home.

Slowly and slowly she created a virtual world of her own.

And living away she fell in love with a guy over phone.

He said he loved her and would never leave her alone.

The third child now smiled truly, danced with joy for the first time.

She was so lost, forgot completely that love is a crime.

Coming back to reality she ended up all her ties.

And decided again to live a life full of lies.

So, here she is today, eyes full of tears.

A war in the background,  true to her fears.

Eyes on her phone, fingers on the dial.

Yet she couldn’t call him, the only reason for her smile.

For the third child was always destined to live this way,

A life not worthwhile!