Awesome song from ek mai aur ek tu, listening to it and i am lost… again… 😦

“Sab kuch wahi hai,

par kuch kami hai.

teri aahatein nhi hain….

maine nhi jana,

tune nhi jana.

jane anjane jo hua….

mujhko hua jo, mujhko hua na,

tujhko bta ye kyun hua.

galti nhi hai teri, galti nhi hai meri.

Phir bhi gilein kyun hai

Tujhko bhulaana paaon

Tujhko bhulaana paaon

Yeh silsilein kyun hai…..”

Why do good memories make us cry?

(here’s the link to the song in case you haven’t heard it before…. )



16 thoughts on “Aahatein

  1. Hindi song lyrics are most of the time seems to be somehow connected to our life. And the sounds to be so true. So listening them and reading them is always a good experience.

    You are right but they make us smile often !


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