If This Was a Movie

Writing this post sheer out of frustration…please don’t mind.

Sometimes I wish,

I was Kareena,

And my life was a movie named ‘Jab we met’,

And I could just call him some day and say,

‘ Saale kutte kamine samajhta kya hai tu khud ko,

Narak jaega saale tu, wahan bhi chain nhi milega tujhe kamine.

Jal jal ke marega,

Bhaad mai ja

And I could just tell him,

What a miserable loser he is,

To just let me go.

And if I had a printed photo of him,

I would have flushed it,

The same way as in the movie.

But sadly,

I am not Kareena,

And this is not a movie,

But my sucking life!

Gosh, I don’t know what the hell have I written here, but yes it does feel better now.

Thank you for bearing with me and the stupid hindi gaalis I’ve used here.


21 thoughts on “If This Was a Movie

  1. woah 😀 that was one fireball of a post. u know these people arent worthy or our rage either. they deserve nothing. not one thought, not one moment.


  2. Well, dont be soooo “enraged”….what’s gone is gone….just enjoy your life how much you can…its only life which you know will not leave you until death. No, sorry, I m not being negetive talking bout death and all, but…live life…its only thing you have… 🙂

    and well, I too love jab we met..
    a good one at that… 😀


  3. Do not fret..
    Someone told me..We go through the hardest of the times..so that something totally new and unexpected and good can come out of it… But this you will be able to see only in retrospect…when you connect the dots.


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