Until Something Happens…

Every morning I wake up,

Thinking to start afresh,

Hoping to brighten up my day

And live in a new way,

Until something happens,

A song that sounds so familiar,

A thing we planned to buy together,

A road, in the woods, we walked,

A not so funny joke, on which we laughed,

A meaningless poem you wrote for me,

A place we yearned to see.

A reminder to all those memories,

The death of hope, the end of our story.

The flashback stops, with tears in my eyes,

Longing for you, my heart cries.

These nights without you, are the hardest to pass time.

Seconds, minutes and hours pass by,

With a single question on my lips,

Why can’t you be mine?

Eventually, these thoughts fade away,

With a heavy heart I sleep,

And then I see you in my dreams,

I take a step closer to you,

And you walk away.

Shattered, I wake up again,

To a new morning.

Thinking to start afresh,

Hoping to brighten up my day,

And to live in a new way,

Until something happens, again…





40 thoughts on “Until Something Happens…

  1. Time is a healer for all things, loss, broken hearts… You write with an open and honest emotion that is pleasant to read. Thank you for sharing your words and thoughts.


  2. You see when it happens..it seems nothing can cure and all we can do is write..
    its over between me and her…and I’m still looking for her…seems no one can take her place..
    no one.. 😥


  3. To be specific its a bacteria..anaerobic gram negative etc etc you may know all these.. Its one of the important organism which causes hospital acquired infections.. As you know pus will be yellow in colour most of the times but pus produced by this organism will be typically blue…. The name pseudomonas drew my attention so thought of asking you the reason behind that.. I should say a well applied knowledge in blending pseudo mona.. Good..


    • the reason is more personal than professional… well as pseudo means false and a mona after that… i’ve been living a pseudo life since a long time… so u know pseudomonaz sums it all for me… 🙂


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