I am Over You

I don’t want you back again,

I am done with the misery,

I am done with the pain.

Those tears have dried,

It’s nothing but the rain,

Taking away the memories,

Just going down the drain.

I tried everything, whatever I could do,

Until you told me, our love wasn’t true.

And now, I’ve realized,

There’s nothing left to renew,

I’ve killed that part of me,

Yes, the one that loved you.

And now, when I’ll think of us,

I’ll never have a smile on my face,

I’ll forget those kisses,

I’ll forget your embrace.

I’ll erase your thoughts,

I’ll erase your trace.

I’ll never miss your laughter,

I’ll never miss your place.

I won’t let you hurt me now,

However hard you try,

You can crush me, you can hit me,

But you can’t make me cry.

I am a free bird now,

Wandering into the blue sky,

I don’t need you now,

I’ve got my own wings to fly.

I am over you baby,

Just don’t ask me why,

Because I’ll really meant it this time,

When I told you good bye…



22 thoughts on “I am Over You

  1. Wooo! I feel you got a great heart break…sorry for being a jerk, but time is the best medicine… 😀
    And I think you got paid for that pain…your beautiful poems, and much beautiful thoughts…
    no comparison, but a great work… 😀


    • well sometimes its about me, sometimes i just think of a situation and put myself there and words come out naturally.
      yes, poems are my way to let out the pain, only after going through a really hard time i’ve found the poet in me.
      thank you.. 🙂


  2. Painfully beautiful…I must be crazy but I love poetry dipped in pain…if whats written actually happened, then its always better to really say goodbye than carry that pain! 🙂


    • Pain sometimes is the main reason for poetry..which inspires many to write, just like me.
      just letting it out here in the form of words.. 🙂


  3. Its difficult to comment on something like this really. Someone does not write this out of thin air and there are real,genuine emotions attached to such writings. That said, I would have to admit that you do write well. And since most of those from our generation go through such phases some time or the other, we can relate to it easily.
    But shutting down does not really help, did not work for me atleast. Some deeper love for something/someone does. However, that might just be me.

    Thank you for sharing such a nice post with us all 🙂 Will be dopping by for more.


    • Writing helps me… i can write down all the emotions i feel, or sometimes i write the things i imagine..like what would i feel if this happens to me and i write about it.
      Thank you for taking out time to check out my blog.. 🙂 Best wishes for your journey..


  4. A very nice poem full of emotions.
    It’s strange how us humans change over time !!!
    At time the mere thought of someone makes us smile for no reason
    and yet, when things go sour, the smile never comes…

    I like your line
    “And now, when I’ll think of us, I’ll never have a smile on my face,”


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