The Things We Say Unknowingly

Back in 2008, i once went to a hospital with my mom, just for a regular check up. On seeing a patient rushed to an ICU, i remarked, ” You know mom, i’ve never seen an ICU in my life”.

The very next day, my mom was In The ICU.

I’ve wished for many things before, but God never made my wishes come true, but for this one wish, he just couldn’t wait for even a day.

When the doctor allowed one person to go inside and see my mom, i just couldn’t move. I wasn’t that strong you know. Seeing an ICU was no longer an adventure to me.

Moral Of the Story: 

Never wish for those things, you know you are going to regret later in your life.

Sometimes in moments of anger, frustration, excitement, sadness we tend to say some things we never meant to say.

Remember, someone up there is always waiting to teach us a lesson.Don’t give him a chance to do that.

I’ve learned it the hard way. Don’t be like me. 

28 thoughts on “The Things We Say Unknowingly

  1. True.. if only that someone was ‘good’ and ‘kind’ enough to fulfill our dreams too.. why so much excitement about teaching us poor souls a lesson? I mean, what have we done to deserve that kind of treatment from Mr. God??


  2. They say,” wise are those who learn from other’s experiences and save themselves from ever falling in a ditch, but, you never become wise until you’ve fallen in a ditch!
    I can’t even imagine how scary it must have been for you.


    • Yes, it was scary. There was a time my mom was taken out for an MRI. She looked at me, and she didn’t react at all. I started crying thinking that my mom has lost her Yaddasht..Hindi movies you see… Well, that was a tough time.. Time heals everything though. Somethings are just out of our control. We just learn to adapt.


  3. You know, your post spoke for many. But the question is why only the bad things that we say happen, but not the good things! The one above is very UNJUST sometimes, my thought!
    Anyway, take care


  4. It always happens! just to let us know that these things arent easy and people in such situations feel like! I too have been thru this..and since almost college I stopped giving statements that said,I like this, and I dnt … I wnt do this or I would just do .. Never can thi shappen,,or it should always..for every statement I made firmly,I had to break it the next moment..or I landed in the same reverse conditions.. Empathy it teaches us..


  5. Yupo! it happened with me too.. :p
    I just said to my friend that I never had a test where we needed blood to be taken out or something, and the next few days I was ill, and they took my tests every 4th or 5th day…nearly 12 tests I had…and it came up as jaundice…which meant more tests… 😦
    I never expected god was so free to heed my wishes, or else I would have asked for something good instead… And wait! I was just 12!!!

    Thank you god, such genorous deed!!!
    We need some space from him too at times, right? 😦 😀


      • Hah! Both wont work….he is just all the times after us…just say a wrong word and he scores a point!!!

        Its just irritating sometimes…he must understand that its not a challenge…grow up!!!


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