Laptop Problems :-(

My laptop sucks big time. You know that’s the reason i wasn’t able to blog and how suffocating it feels. I have become so addicted to blogging. It’s all inside my mind now. So many things going on in my life and i cant write because of this stupid laptop. I’ve plans to buy a new one this Diwali though and i’ve started  collecting funds for that. You all know, i am broke so i’ve to ask all my folks for money.
I hope to collect enough money to buy a laptop and anyway its diwali time so i am quite sure i’ll get that much. I am missing out all the fun here. I’ve not read any blogs. I’ve to reply to so many comments but i cant because i dont know when this will again shut down. I’ll reply to all your comments and tags as soon as possible. Oh, i miss blogging. This was the only thing i enjoy in my boring life. 😦

I hope this starts working or i get a new one soon.

Wish me luck for my Laptop charity program. Chanda poora ho jae and mere sare bhai behen, mama, mousi khule dil se contribute kren. Yaar ye bhagwan bhi na, mera aakhiri sahara bhi mujhse cheen rha hai. 😦


13 thoughts on “Laptop Problems :-(

  1. I know how you feel. I was – oh fine – I AM so addicted to blogging that whenever my computer/laptop/internet connection is down, I hop on a bus and head down to the 24hour internet cafe. I even stayed there till 3am before!


  2. Haha 🙂 Poor laptop. It finally gave up 😛
    I crashed and killed my a couple of years back myself. Got a desktop, laptops are not resilient to heavy usage.
    Good luck with the chanda collection 🙂 You can try going for a bidding of your broken laptop too- might get you something 😀


    • yup, its a festival of lights. and we decorate our home with lights and flowers and burst crackers.its a day when we worship the goddess of wealth… we enjoy a lot. i’ll soon write a post about it.


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