What do You Want To Be?

Well, don’t we all face this question from everyone around us, be it our parents, teachers, neighbors, friends, relatives etc etc. And don’t we ourselves ask this question a lot many times. What do you want to be? Here are my answers…

When I was a kid, you know the kindergarten days, I answered this question like this,” I want to be an IAS officer”, though at that time I didn’t even know what IAS means. But that was something all my relatives used to say, my uncle, aunts, etc. It was fed into my mind. And whenever my teacher used to ask me, beta what do you want to be, I would proudly say, an IAS officer. And she would smile and I would be that happy small kid who made her teacher smile. I now know what her smile actually meant. ( Beta, dekh le bde bde sapne, baad mai pta chalega kitne papad belne padte hain)

Then came the days, when my brother got into medical college and everyone around me was so proud of him for getting a rank in AIPMT. I myself was so proud of my bro. He became my role model and that desire to become a doctor crept into my mind. And it remained so, till I faced the reality of not getting a rank well enough to get into medical school.

Anyways i joined engineering and no one asked me this question for four long years.

Now, when college is done-

My dad- He still wants me to study and try for IAS and he keeps telling that to his relatives all the time, “meri beti IAS bnegi”!!!

My Uncle- He wants me to do research and be a scientist. In a hidden corner of his heart I know he hopes for me to get a Nobel some day.

My aunt- Most of the time, she still keeps blabbering about how I should have dropped one year back then and tried for medical again. On other days, she hopes for me to do Phd, even that allows you to write Dr. in front of your name you know.

My mom- I don’t know what she wants, other than to make me the next Mother Teresa. Her hopes are beyond my imagination.

And as for me, I still don’t know what I want to be. I haven’t figured it out yet. Yes, I am thinking to do post graduation, but that’s not because I want to, that’s because it’s a way for me to escape out and find my actual passion or whatever, I don’t know.

But, if God appears in front of me right now and asks,” Child, what do you want to be”?

I would say, “I just want to be happy with whatever I have and whatever I do in my life”.