Finally diwali is over. And it wasn’t that bad. After a gloomy day i had fun once we started lighting candles and diya. Our whole family was together after a really long time. Actually one of my really close friend called me. because of my no contact policy i wasn’t picking up his phone since months but yesterday when he was the only one calling me, i couldn’t control myself. I talked to him, and you know i laughed so much after so long. He has even threatened to kill me if i don’t pick up his call ever again. Our friendship is really strange, we  know each other for the past twelve years, long time i know. And he’s such a person who has always made me smile no matter what. I am gonna write about our relationship in detail, in a separate post. He is really important to me. Even though people ask me to stay away from him. I just can’t. Well, he is special. 🙂

As for diwali, my mom cooked a lot many things but i couldn’t eat anything because this sunday i had a mild food poisoning. I am just relying on fruits since the last 3 days. This always happens to me. I always fall sick during festivals. Poor me. 😦

A didn’t call me. He was as always busy with his family. I called him at night wishing him a happy diwali. Later i texted him, saying i am not well, and as expected he didn’t say anything. Unlike my friend he’s someone who always manage to make me cry no matter what.

Well, yesterday i learnt something. We should never ever let those people go away from our life who really care for us. My friend whom i secretly used to call my angel is such a person, although people call him a devil. Well, i am telling you he’s a really really bad guy but he is a great friend of mine. His one call made my day.

Some of the pictures i clicked yesterday. I am really bad at it but i wanted to post these here. Please don’t mind.

I love this pic

Goddess Laxmi’s footsteps



Our really happy cat during diwali

I hope you guys enjoyed your diwali too… 🙂