The Bride, Who Died!

The day I first saw him,

I fell in love,

For the first time.

He was everything I ever wanted,

The man of my dreams,

We were engaged soon,

And in a month was our wedding.

We talked over phone sometimes,

As we weren’t allowed to meet,

The first time, he told me he loved me,

I could hear my own heartbeats.

Finally the day arrived,

The day I wore a red dress,

And he got down from a white horse,

Looking like a handsome prince,

He stretched his hand for me to hold,

And I did just that,

Among rituals, chants, blessings and more,

We vowed to be one till death.

With a heavy heart and tearful eyes,

I left my home for a new life…


The first day at my new home,

I already knew something was wrong,

Since the very day, I was treated like trash,

I was cursed as I didn’t bring enough cash.

The prince charming lost his charm,

The very day he bruised my arm,

Hurling abuses, he said he never wanted me,

All he wanted was more money.

I was sent back home, to fulfill their greed,

But there was nothing left with my parents to give.

Everyday I was told, I was a burden not a need,

With each moment I lost my desire to live.

I thought things would change with a budding life inside me,

I was proved wrong again, I was beaten up till it bleed.

Unconscious, I laid on the floor, all I could smell was kerosene,

I had no strength left to fight, and then the fire crept in.

I could see smiling faces behind those burning flames,

I smiled back at them, felt no pain, as I was going to a better place.

And all miseries came to an end, as my soul left that burning flesh!

Death is peaceful, easy.

It was life that was hard.  

 [One woman dies in India every hour in a dowry related case. Came across one such incident in today’s newspaper, it was pathetic. Is there an end to it? I’ve no answer. ]

51 thoughts on “The Bride, Who Died!

    • seriously i am sick of reading about it almost everyday. I hope we can at least let people know that it can happen to anyone out there. If its not happening to us doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.Thanks for the reblog.


  1. Hey, loved the way you have worded your thoughts about this uncanny issue. It’s disgusting to see how money and greed weigh more when compared to love in someone’s life. I belong to the North India and have come across many such instances. Thanks for providing such a wonderful read that has inspired me to write something about similar issues.

    Take care.


  2. True and pathetic reality.
    And what is even worse, it keeps on happening and happening until there is nothing else left to happen.
    Already wrote much on it and will keep it until my last breath, but the problem is, “will it ever end?”
    Not that we fear fighting but….thousands of innocent’s lives are uprooted and burnt to hell.
    Do the beasts have an answer?


  3. This one really hurt a raw nerve. 😦
    And strangely, this is true – it is TRUE and is not a movie or a script – it happens even today,.. is happening right now, to hundreds of girls out there…
    I don;t know when the change will come.. but someone has to bring it… someone.


  4. 😦 😦 😦
    Dowry…..the social stigma….dowry death….my dear you potrayed this pain in such a vivid, snesitive and empathetic way. I have written a poem 2 poems on dowry titled “Dowry” and “Dowry death”. It is really a very, very sad and painful state of affairs.


  5. *speechless*
    This is just.. so real.
    I’ve seen this happen in every corner of India. So bad that I wish it goes away, I hope that one day exists in future at least. -_-


  6. you have very sensitively portrayed a very burning social issue… keep writing.. Dowry has to be abhorred not by illiterates but literates like us in the first place


  7. Mona, this is the first time I read this post, and I can’t but appreciate the sensitivity and empathy with which you’ve portrayed the morbid reality of dowry harassment. I hope to see more voices being raised against the violent sexism that is rooted deep in the bone marrow of our subcontinent. I’ve wanted to write on such issues for quite some time, and I’ve always been afraid that I won’t be able to do justice. It’s time I draw some inspiration from you.


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