Haiku 1-

I see us,

Laughing together,forever

I wake up.

Haiku 2-


Species harmony sans conflicts,


[ My first attempt in writing Haiku, all thanks to YePirate for his encouragement. Its probably the last time i am writing it]

29 thoughts on “Haiku

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  2. I totally agree with Boomiebol -who is a wonderful poet herself. These are real haiku. The first one gives that sudden jolt – that impression so important in a haiku, and the second runs deep. I am just so happy you write haiku so well – it showed in your poetry.


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    • Thanks.. i myself don’t know.. saw so many poets here writing haiku, tried my hand at it.. and here’s the result.
      I just write 3 lines, whatever comes into my mind and it becomes a haiku.. don’t know much about it.


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