Falling In Love

When I smile without any reason,

When I dream of you with my eyes open,

When silence whispers your name to me,

When yours is the only face I wish to see,

When every word you say touches my soul,

When having you around makes me whole,

When a single apology makes me forget my pain,

When every cloud reminds me of the time we danced in the rain,

When I see couples like us holding hands,

When I think of the way you play with my hair strands,

When I feel your presence every time there’s a knock on the door,

Every day, each moment, I fall in love with you,

Even more…


[It’s A’s birthday this Sunday. This poem is for him. This is the only thing i can do for him this time. Below is a song i love to listen to, every time i think about him, though i don’t really understand a single line. It’s a Marwari song by Amit Trivedi and i just love the way it sounds. The music makes me fall in love again and again. (Credit: Coke Studio India)]