The Three P

Pyaar (Love)



Saala life barbad kar di hai in teeno ne. I don’t understand why these 3 things are so important in our lives.Let’s start from the first one:

Pyaar, kar liya yaar, ho gya as they say in movies, pagal thi, dimag khraab ho gya tha, kr liya. So what? zindagi bhar keeemat chukani pdegi iski. Pyaar bhi dharm, jaat dekhke krna hota h kya, is it so? the heated arguments with my mom over castes, religion, they are not gonna get me anywhere. In the end i know, i am going to lose him. And ladna bhi kiske liye, who fights with me all the time. Kisi ne sach hi kha hai, Pyaar badi hi kuttti cheej hai boss!!!

Parivaar, what can i say about them. they treat me like i am 2 years old baby. Yahan mat jana, ye mat kro, hamari family. hamara samaaj, hamara ye wo. To hell with your samaj!!! Mummy ka non- stop lecture, papa ki ummenden, Nhi krni yaar mujhe engineering, i don’t wanna do this but i have to? kyun, because mera parivaar. Have you watched that movie, Udaan, feel like that kid there, only my parents are not that cruel. I have never been to a beach you know, ever in my life, why? because, a pundit told them ki mujhe pani se khtra hai. Yes, that’s the reason and yes, i was that stupid girl who never lied, who asked them to go out even for a movie, the only thing i’ve lied about in my life is about my love life. still what do i get, Ye badi hi bigadi ladki hai. Kyun yaar??? what have i done?

Padhai, huh? no words for that, the only way to escape from everything and the toughest thing for me. man krta hai aag lga dun in kitabon mai. seriously,i am fed up, the harder i try to study, the more i feel like giving up. kis ne ye rule bnaya tha ki sabko padhna padta hai? mil jae ek baar, saala bachega nhi mere hathon.

Yes, i am frustrated. I guess you can easily guess that by now. And i am not being able to write poems these days, because there is so much on my mind. There’s fear, of failure. I am scared about the time after GATE. What reason, excuse am i gonna give? I am sure about not getting a good rank. Miracles are unreal. They won’t happen for me. What after that is a big question. and fear of losing him…I am just fed up. of my life!