When Humans Turn Into Devils

A medical student in her twenties, who was traveling with her male friend in a whiteline bus from Munirka to Uttam Nagar area in west Delhi, was allegedly gang-raped by a group of men inside the moving bus and thrown off the vehicle near Mahipalpur in south Delhi on late Sunday night. Read the full news here.

The girl lies in a critical condition in an ICU battling for her life as her male friend lies in another, as he too was beaten up by the molesters. A movie night turned into a nightmare for these two young souls. The girl, a medical student and the boy, a passed out engineer and a civil services aspirant wouldn’t have thought to witness such a night in their lives. But, it happened. The girl was gangraped by five men in a moving bus, after beating up her boyfriend with a rod. The girl has been hit with a blunt object and besides injuries from the sexual assault, her whole intestine has been damaged.

As i read this news, however hard i tried to forget about it and focus on my studies, i just couldn’t. What i did was read more about it, and while doing so i came across many comments below this news. Comments by fellow Indians, blaming Shiela Dixit, Delhi Police, Hindus, Muslims ( a rape can instigate communal riots in our country), bus drivers, education, hormones, the list goes on. What no one thought about, was the condition of that girl. The news channels got a new thing to discuss, bloggers like me got a new post, police got a new job in hand,but what about the girl. What did she get? Lifelong scars, fear, or probably death. Soon enough we’ll also get few people questioning the girl over what she was doing with a male friend at 11 pm in a bus. A certain sect of people in our country believe that modernisation, mobile phones, television, and even chowmein are responsible for the growing crime rates against women. To clarify the doubts of such people i would like to write about one such incident that i can never forget. Infact whenever i read or hear about rapes, the same incident come across my mind.

It is a really old incident, probably in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s when i was around 10-11 years old. I lived in a really small town not a modernised city like Delhi. There were no cell phones. The only channel we watched was Doordarshan. Like everyday i was reading the newspaper and in the front page  was the news of a women who was raped at her own house. Her son was first murdered in front of her eyes( hit by an iron rod) and then she was raped by 3-4 men who were hiding beneath the bed in the daytime. As soon as it was dark, they came out and raped her. The lady here wasn’t a modern(in indian dictionary) girl who could surge the hormones of these innocent men by wearing provocative dresses but a married young woman with a 5 year old kid. She was infact the wife of a man working in the Indian army, who was posted elsewhere during the time of the incident. I read this news and i didn’t understand anything, though i knew that ‘hatya’ meant murder, ‘Balatkaar’ was too difficult a word to understand at that young age. I was a kid, i didnt knew what happened. I understood all those terms when i grew up. Why this incident is still so fresh in my memory is because, i saw those 2 dead bodies. The mortgage was very close to my home, i just went nearby to buy something and saw those two bodies wrapped in white cloth. And i instantly realised that those are the bodies of the people i read about. I still can’t forget that, not even after all these years.

This incident is about 12 years old, but as i thought about it and about this Delhi girl today, i can’t help but cry, cry for their loss, for the pain they went through. They were punished for no fault of theirs.

The police can find those suspects, there could be court cases, they could get Death penalty for this heinous crime ( which i don’t think they will in our country) but could we ever make them feel what this girl felt last night. No, we can’t. Though i strongly believe that rape is the cruelest crime, i don’t think that death is the ultimate punishment. Death means freedom. It won’t help anyone of us to make that girl feel any better. If somehow we accept or digest the thing that a single person raped a girl, i just can’t believe how could five people turn into devils at the same time. Why didn’t their conscience stop them, not even one of them? How on earth can someone be so brutal?

As i write about it here, that girl is fighting for her life. Last night when all of us were securely sleeping in our rooms, that girl was getting raped in a moving bus, in front of her boyfriend. What could be more terrible. Death? I don’t think so.

I could have been in place of that girl. It could have been my friend, or my sister. Or you. I am scared, i am crying, i don’t know what to do about it? I just can’t take it off my mind.

Can she really live again? I don’t have any answer.


18 thoughts on “When Humans Turn Into Devils

  1. There’s always devil within! Some people simply cherish it and others don’t! And the acerbic truth that the very National Capital Region has always been worst hit by this crime makes it even more shameful for all of us! Do we ever see those culprits behind the bars?
    Let us hope someday this will all change!


  2. when I read about it today, I felt exactly the same sentiments. I feel scared, guilty and ashamed of such people who exist in our country. It is right that no amount of punishment can change what has happened with the girl, but it to certain extent does create fear in the minds of the culprits to not repeat or attempt any such acts. I just hope and pray nobody ever has to go through any of it.
    I also pray for the girl, to survive and put up a fight. Because people like us are with her, standing for her.


    • But they were fearless, that’s why they committed such a heinous crime. Its just not about punishing the culprits anymore, there must be some really brutal kind of punishment for such people. Not death, not being behind bars for years is gonna change the mindset of such people.


      • I agree strong punishment is the need of the hour for such heinous and inhuman acts being committed against women. But, only formulation of strong laws won’t do the needful. What is needed is the systematic execution of the same. The law as it exists today can also with wider interpretation set precedent which creates fear in the mind of the criminals. But, it is not properly executed. Starting from policemen who are the middlemen when a crime is committed, if they do what they are recruited to do and not make opinions about the character of the victim more than half of the problem can be resolved.


  3. The raped girl always being questioned, what was she doing at that time? What was she wearing? Why was she there…etc etc… So for a girl … after 11PM it is a crime to be in public place or in public transport, it is a crime to wear any western outfit which “might provoke” male hormone…. What a shield or excuse to those crime doers, who are unable to keep “it” in their “pants”.
    Yeah, India is a “free” country.


  4. It is very important that those criminals are caught and brought to justice. I know that will not heal that girl’s scars but it might help another girl in the future.


    • How many girls has it helped till now? People have been punished before but it didn’t have any effect on the mindset of such people. Its just not about punishment anymore. It has become a trend.


      • Believe me, I am as angry as you are but we have to be a bit optimistic. It is either that of leave this country and go somewhere peaceful. Although the second option is very lucrative, a lot of people cannot do that. Personally, given a chance, I would love to leave this country in 5 seconds. I can’t bear the citizens anymore.


      • Only if i could do that. I am fed up, not just with the citizens but the sanskars, superstitions, and the society. Since the day i shifted back to north india, my mom doesn’t let me go out alone. Firstly, i opposed her but later i myself was scared to do that. I am tired of ‘those’ looks. The conditions in small towns is worse,its just that they don’t get reported so often.


  5. you’re so true. You echo my sentiments. Yes Rape in our society is seen like an attack on women’s izzat but not those men who attack her simply coz they are the gender which our patriarchal society considers supreme. It makes me sick to the core and I can’t even contemplate what the victims of this heinous crime go through. This is worst kind of brutality. I really don’t know whether we as a society can ever get rid of it… this society is crippling…


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