I Won’t Rest In Peace

There are no tears in my eyes as I leave this place,

Nor do I feel any pain, no emotions on my face.

This soil now smells of my blood,and

The air is mixed with ashes of my existence.

All my dreams lie shattered on the floor,

My life has ended, destiny has closed its doors.

I wanted to live, wasn’t given that right,

I was silenced even before I could fight.

As my soul rises above, I could see people out on the streets,

Why didn’t they come out to cover up my battered body, at that time of need?

It wasn’t just me who was tormented that night,

Each mark on my corpse depicts a woman’s plight.

Whom should i blame is the question on my mind,

The government,culture or people, they are all the same kind.

The moment you demand justice for me, raise your voices in a protest,

A girl somewhere meets the same fate as mine, her voice is supressed.

And my soul wanders along with those who were snatched the right to live,

We were killed just for being women, none of you can we forgive.

We won’t rest in peace if you just hang a person or two,

You can’t change the world, until you bring a change within you!


courtesy: indiatoday.in


11 thoughts on “I Won’t Rest In Peace

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  2. You have written this poem in a gripping way….it’s really sad what is happening.
    The way you have ended it is exactly what it shud be…..we, society as a whole, shud be looking for changes within ourselves….how are we raising the male children as they grow up and how shud we inculcate important moral values in them, in the true sense.


    • The change comes from within and that’s the need of this hour. Even after so many protests nothing changed because the mentality of the people is still the same, our so called representatives are still debating over whom to blame for these rapes. Rapes won’t end till we start respecting fellow women and start teaching our kids how to behave with a woman.


  3. So beautifully written. I’ve been heart broken from the time this new broke out. Sincerely hoping that with this new year, a ‘new’ India shall arise with new reforms to our judiciary which ensures the safety & protection of India’s daughters! This post moved me to tears!


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