The D Day

This Sunday, 20th January 2013 is the day my fate will be decided. After studying hard for almost 6 months, its the time to know how much do i really know. Actually i am studying seriously only from the past 4 days, trust me, what i’ve studied in these 4 days was more than what i studied in the last 6 months and there are 3 more days to go, the most important 3 days of my life. I am left with a huge portion to cover, its impossible to study that much for now. But as we used to say during college, Raat baaki baat baaki!

Its only when the time is over, we realize its importance. It has always been like this for me. I don’t work hard when i’ve time and when its over, i repent over every second i wasted, the music videos, news that didn’t matter, the cricket matches, the day dreams etc. What is done, is done. I can’t go back in time and change it.

I pack my bags today and leave for my sister’s place tomorrow. Out of all the choices i gave for my exam center i got a hill station named Bhimtal as the center for my exam. Its a beautiful place near Nainital, another hill station most of you would be aware of. Born in Ranikhet, i spent all my childhood in Pithoragarh and then moved to Bangalore. I gave all my board exams and entrance exam there itself. This is the first important exam i’ll be writing in the mountains.  Can these mountains change my destiny? We’ll see.

This is the last post i am writing about Gate, unless there is a miracle of course. I’ll be back on 22nd. It’ll be a new day and new life after that.

Wish me luck!

(few pics from the last time i was there)





10 thoughts on “The D Day

  1. Whatever happens, know it is all perfection…..! Wishing you all the best… that area up there, spent a month in a silent retreat in Sattal…..beautiful nature, one of India’s best. in peace…


  2. You will triumph Mona! I was like that when I got my Bachelors Degree…I always waited to the last moment and would cram the last 4-5 days always concerned then that i would pass, and each time a blessing came and I did. You know it all, you just were refreshing yourself! God bless!


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