The Road Less Travelled

Picture courtesy: My brother

Two roads diverged in a wood,

And I took the one less travelled by,

Gathering all my courage I walked alone,

I lost my way a million times,

Faced thousand storms and a hundred landslides,

With each step I took, my goal moved afar,

Tired of the struggle I decided to go back,

I reached the place I started the first time,

And chose the other road to change this life of mine,

I faced challenges but I could easily cross them now,

I used the skills I learnt while walking the first one,

I won something with each new turn,

And the road offered me a million goals to conquer,

I was elated, I never looked back,

I was what I was because of the first learning track.

I thanked the road that was less travelled by,

For all the differences it made in my life.


The first two lines are from the poem The Road not Taken by Robert Frost. It is one of my favorite poems since the time i was in school. The poem written here is how i think my life is going to turn out in the near future (hopefully).