Wordless Valentine

Long forgotten memories,

Healed up wounds,

Resurface today,

Within seconds

As I think of you…

As i see red all around,

A blue fog looms over me,

It’s the season of love,

But the moisture in my eyes,

Portrays a different story…

I am trying hard to write,

To write this pain away,

But words give up on me,

Words fail to form a line,

Without you, my love,

Its a wordless valentine…


(Since a long time, i am not able to write anything about love. I find it difficult to write poems these days. This poem is a desperate attempt to express my feelings on this day of love. Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers. )

11 thoughts on “Wordless Valentine

  1. I knw am a lil late but yes Happy Valentine Day;) and i assure you, love will find you soon! Dont ever give up writing. Ever! Write..no matter what comes on your mind..write.


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