The Tom And Jerry Relationship

I’ve a hard time answering questions about my relationship status these days. I mean there was a time when I was single, then I was in a relationship, then it was all complicated. After giving up facebook, I started using another term- an on and off relationship. I picked it up from the scandal involving Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I found it apt, it was easy to understand- one day you are together, another day you are not and the cycle continues. But there was a difference between them and us- Kristen cheated on him. Only after publicly apologizing to him, they got back together, whether for real or for the promotion of their movie, that i really don’t know.

Coming back to my story, there was no cheating involved, only that life was cheating on us individually. We weren’t tired of each other, we were tired of the problems we both had to face. We didn’t stop loving each other, we just stopped loving ourselves. And then it happened – we started fighting with each other to such an extent that it was impossible to stay together. We broke up. But after two or three days we patched up. The 2-3 days interval turned into a week or two but in the end we were always together. Sometimes he left me out of guilt or frustration and I ran behind him, trying everything on my part to get him back. Sometimes I quarreled  endlessly with him and left him alone and he sent me these, ” You forgot me with a crying emoticon ” texts, helpless I went back to him. Its been like that, we fight, we irritate each other, we cry, sometimes we laugh while we fight thinking about the stupidity of the topic we are fighting about but in the end we are in love as always.

During all these arguments we forget that in reality the love between us is the only happiness we have. In these troublesome times, when we both are struggling in our individual lives, he is the only one who makes me smile and I am the only one who understands him. We are our only hope, our only companions, our only support. Its just the two of us.

I am in a Tom and Jerry relationship with my guy, sometimes he is Tom and I am Jerry while sometimes our roles are reversed. Sometimes he saves me from trouble, and sometimes I return the favor. We fight, tease, irritate each other, but  in the end we just can’t live without each other.



( Just realized, its my 100th post… 🙂 )