One Wait Ends…Another Begins

Since many days I wasn’t able to write anything, mostly because I was waiting for my results. There was nothing in my mind except the date 15th march. I was trying to be all positive about it, but as I am a born pessimist, the positivity didn’t survive for long. Every next second I was thinking how horrible my life would be, if i don’t get through GATE. I was praying all the time, just asking HIM to give me a way. Yes, that’s what i was wishing for, just a way out of this unhappiness. You know that doobte ko sinke ka sahara types. And today HE has given me that.

All India Rank- 377

It’s neither too good, nor bad. Well, if this was about other branches of engineering, I am sure this rank was enough to get into the best colleges in India. But as for Biotechnology, I really don’t know, as there would be less seats available.

But I am happy. Seriously I’ve never got an All India Rank ever in my life. I am one among those 13% students who have qualified the exam. Can you believe that!!!

I am sure that i’ll get into a college. The only question now is, which college???

After a really long time, i’ve got something to hold on to. I’ve got a ray of hope. And I am happy. This is an end to my sad, gloomy posts. I started this blog when i was preparing for GATE and i said i don’t want to end it on a sad note. And as i hoped, i didn’t.

It’s a great day for me. God is with me and that is enough for now.

377 isn’t bad right??

( For those who have any idea about GATE and the admission procedure,  specially about Biotech, please guide me, as i’ve no idea what to do after this and do i really have a chance here? Do let me know. )