Life As It Is

Its been almost ten months since….

– I watched a movie

– I bought clothes/shoes/handbags/clips/earrings/anything for that matter

– I roamed alone, to be precise stepped out of my home alone

– I slept alone ( okay my mom sleeps with me, every single night)

– I met any of my friend/ anyone my age

– I met my guy

– I kissed

– I had a burger/pizza/panipuri/bhelpuri/masalapuri/all those puris

– I got a haircut

– I wore nail paint

– I got/ gave a gift/surprise

– I checked out a random guy ( no fun without friends)

– I slept at 6/7 in the morning

– I was photographed by someone other than me

– I basically had a life

And it feels okay. I mean I do rant about it all the time but it isn’t too bad. This is how my life is. It isn’t full of surprises/coincidences/tragedies but its fine, mostly because I’ve got a hope now. A hope that, there will be so much to do in the future. There will be a time when I’ll be dying to live these 10 months again. To lay back and enjoy the sunsets, to see birds building their nests, to see a newly born calf, to listen to songs as it rained outside, to write poems, to have home made food, to celebrate every festival, to be away from the hustle and bustle of every day life, to be away from that competitive world, to just be a nobody.

These 10 months changed me. I was able to live without things that were an essential part of my life. I completely erased my existence from this world. I didn’t talk to friends, I changed my number, I changed my lifestyle, I deleted facebook, I isolated myself, I was in a cocoon. It was like I was dead. I was alone and apart from the occasional emotional outbreaks I was okay with it. It was how it was destined to be. And its okay to let it be that way. We just learn more as we live it. And…

I learned that you must never lose hope.

I learned that old friends do last a lifetime.

I learned that expectations ruin relationships.

I learned that its fine to accept that you are different.

I learned that people you love don’t necessarily love you back.

I learned that sometimes its not about your dreams but about your abilities.

I learned that sometimes the only way to find yourself is to get completely lost.

Life won’t necessarily be what you imagined it to be but it won’t be that bad. Things might take a turn of 180 degrees but you’ll learn to live it that way.

Life is beautiful as it is…