Finally Something New

So the first new thing I got after 10 months is this laptop!!! Yay..finally!!! Jo diwali pe aana wala that wo holi pe aa hi gya. WordPress is the first site i’ve logged into, that proves my loyalty to blogging. I wasn’t writing regularly all these days because the PC i was working on used to stuck for hours making it difficult to work on it. This is the beginning of a new life. Next week I am going to Lucknow and then to Bangalore, most probably on the 7th of next month, for 4-5 days. I am so excited. Going back to Bangalore, to the place i truly love, its going to be so much fun. I wish I could stay there forever!!!

Well as for my college admissions, I don’t know anything about which college am I gonna get. I haven’t applied anywhere till now. I am so confused about everything. But I don’t know why I am not worried this time. I’ve a faith that I’ll get somewhere, some place in this country and waise bhi wo hi to meri manzil nahi hai na. College jana to bus ek zariya hai yahan se bahar nikalne ka. Life mai bahout kuch karna hai ab. This is just not my destination.

Life ptanahi kahan le jaa rahi hai, but ek belief hai ki kahin na kahin to chali hi jaungi.

Life is so busy these days, not because of studies, wo to waise bhi mai kabhi nahi krti but due to Holi. I mean seriously, my whole body is aching. Today was ladies holi sangeet at my place. So, last two days were spent in making gujiyas. Me, my mom, my sister and her husband, we four prepared almost 200 gujiyas yesterday. Last night, my dad’s friends were at our place to celebrate holi. Right now, as I am writing this I can hear holi songs from my neighbourhood. Holi isn’t a one day festival at our town, its celebrated for almost 15 days. Kumaunis are crazy about holi. Ptanahi kab tak holi fever chalne wala hai yahan.

As for me, I just don’t enjoy festivals anymore. I don’t know why. I am just not that little kid anymore who used to wait for festivals like holi and diwali from a month. As I was telling my mom yesterday, mai bahout neeras ho gayi hun. 22 saal mai hi boodi ho gayi hun mai. I do celebrate festivals but I don’t enjoy them as much as I used to in childhood. But that doesn’t mean I won’t post holi pics here. I would definitely do that. Now that, I’ve got a new laptop, I am gonna write many more posts about holi. Waise bhi ye holi abhi tak kafi sahi hui hai, lets see next two days mai kya hota hai. 

Till then, wish you all a  Happy Holi. Enjoy this festival of colors.


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