Growing Up….



Growing up,

I’ve learned to lie,

To cheat at times,

To ignore old friends,

And to compromise.

I’ve seen people leave,

Changed feelings,

Those intriguing eyes,

And broken dreams.

I’ve loved,

And lost,

And loved again.

I’ve lived alone,

Laughed and cried,

I’ve given up hope,

Only to give life,

Another try.

I’ve failed,

And risen again,

I’ve walked many miles,

Only to lost my way,

I’ve managed to smile,

At the end of a bad day.

I’ve been on this journey,

Since a long time,

Growing up,

I’ve lost a part of me,

A part that was innocent,

And carefree…

23 thoughts on “Growing Up….

    • I feel the same. I am just not that girl anymore. I’ve done things I would have never thought of doing in my childhood. Time changes everything. IT has changed us.
      Glad that you could relate to the post.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, powerful and oh so true … I can relate …
    On a separate note, I must disagree with you saying ” … but I am not a writer” in the “about” section of your blog! You ARE 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and happy blogging.


  2. And your spirit and heart are still so very beautiful! All that happens makes one to blossom more into a very wholesome person who can reach out and touch with words leaving hundreds of smiles with a beautiful insight as to who you really are! God bless!


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