I Wish…



Jee chaahe panchi ho jaavaan,                             

Udda jaavaan, gaaonda jaavaan,                         

An-chuh sikharaan nu choo paavaan,                  

Is duniya deeyaan raahvaan bhul ke                     

Pher kade na vaapas aavaan…                           

[English Translation]  

I wish that I could be a bird 

That I could fly, that I could sing,

That I could touch untouchable peaks,

That I could forget the roads of the world,

And never return…

(Few lines from a poem by Shiv Kumar Batalvi)

9 thoughts on “I Wish…

    • That’s my favorite song these days. I listen to it all the time and my mom keeps scolding me for that. She finds it really depressing. The Video by Jasleen Royal is beautiful. I just love it.


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