What Is Meant To Be, Will Always Find Its Way…

I wrote an exam for a government job in November 2012, I did that  because at that point of time I was clueless about what I  want to do, I was sitting at home, passing time, struggling to study for GATE and well, I was depressed . Anyway, it was a preliminary exam and I had no hopes to clear it. Every graduate I knew had applied for it, so there would have been millions of students dying to get those handful of jobs. I checked the results and obviously my name wasn’t there. The main exam was in January I guess, but the paper leaked
on the day of the exam and the exam was postponed. I knew this because one of my cousins had qualified for the exam. So, why am I telling you this crap when I didn’t even qualify the exam. Well, guys, the thing is somehow I’ve got the admit card to write the main exam. Yesterday, my dad called me and told me that I’ve got a post regarding so and so exam. I was like, I didn’t fill any form, which exam is it? When he read the name of the organisation, I told him that I had checked the results long back and that I didn’t qualify it. He said, he has the admit card in his hands and I was like what the hell is happening! This is not where the story ends, how can it be so uncomplicated when its my story that we are talking about. Well, the exam is on 7th April, the day I am leaving for Bangalore. And I am in no way going back home to write the stupid exam even though I kind of know I can do well in that technical paper. I won’t cancel the tickets ( I am broke, you must know that).

I mean what is it supposed to mean? They say we should carefully analyse the signs life presents us with. Which sign should I read-

That I wrote an exam in which I apparently failed, and that the paper of the main exam leaked and the exam got postponed and I got an admit card for the postponed exam – which means I am destined to write the exam.


I had booked my tickets just 3 days before I got the admit card and had already left my place and that the exam was postponed to that exact date I had booked my tickets for – which means I am not destined to write the exam.

It is destiny I suppose, some unexplained forces in the universe let things happen, sometimes not in a way we want it but in a different complicated manner, things we have to accept because we aren’t left with any other choices.

Once when I was still in college and had to leave for Bangalore on the 19th of May, my brother had booked my tickets. As I entered the Airport and went in to take my boarding pass, the lady told me that my ticket was booked for 19th June, instead of 19th May. I panicked, I didn’t know how that happened and how absolutely no one noticed it, not the one who booked the ticket, not me who had the ticket in her hand for so long, not even the security personnel  who let me inside the airport. And because of that one silly mistake, I lived the most beautiful day of my life. It was a beautiful accident. Serendipity as we call it.

You know it has always been like that. I don’t live a hot and happening life, I ain’t rich, genius, or drop dead gorgeous. I am just an average girl next door, but there is something about my life which makes it so damn interesting. Even though I am jobless, collegeless( is that a word?), aimless from the last one year or so, but it is this uncertainty about future which prompts me to know more about it, inspires me to live it to see what will happen next.

I was an unplanned child for my parents. I have grown up hearing the taunts of my siblings that I am just an unwanted kid in the house, just an accident. Though my mom calls that a disaster, I beg to differ, I call myself a fortunate accident. Their life would have been so incomplete without me, I am the only fun element in their house. They can love me or hate me but they just cant ignore me. Being an accident myself I am bound to believe in destiny. They were destined to have me, I was destined to live this life, and everything that is about to happen is already written in my destiny. The choices I make, or the ways I take, I’ll be where I am supposed to be and as John Lennon has said,

“There is nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.”

15 thoughts on “What Is Meant To Be, Will Always Find Its Way…

  1. By the way, there are no girls next door here 😉 And, if I think hard enough, there never were any girls wherever I have been. School ( millitary school ), college ( boys hostel ) and now 😛 In fact, there are no girls in the railway coaches whenever I travel- such is my aura 🙂

    Destiny. ahh well…
    Kabhi shiddat se karenge baatein teri naadaniyon par,
    Abhi toh zindagi shuru hui hai maasoomiyat khatm hone par


    • Hello…I am the girl, next Blog. 😉
      A life without girls, that’s sad indeed. Millitary school, haha, I’ve heard crazy stories about those schools. And IIT again, why did you opt for it? Local colleges mai jana tha, plenty of girls in colleges like ours. I’ve heard crazy stories about IITs too, one of them is mine. 😉
      And the great shayar is back again…ye koi chetavani to nahi thi na? Waise naadaniyan or masoomiyat to abhi baki hai mere dost. 😉
      Btw I’ve to ask you something..am I right about not giving that exam? Its the only government job in the biotech sector. Is it okay to miss it? Help… 😦


      • Fatehaal shayari hai yaar seriously 🙂 Zyada urdu k words nai aate hain abhi toh, but that will change with time…

        I do not know much about the Biotech sector per say. But I do have strong ideas about what one should come to do. There are those who can do something that they do not really want to do for years, because probably they do not care.
        But there are also those who take job as a part of their overall persona, and for them- job is something that defines them, and in the long run, the other way round too.

        You must know what category you belong to. One must do what he can’t not do ( quoting Cloud Atlas 😉 ). You must believe that what you will eventually do, is great work. If not, do not even give it a second thought.


      • Koi na..dheere dheere urdu bhi aa hi jaegi, ban jana phir shayar. 🙂
        If its about my choice, I won’t ever do a job. I can’t imagine myself sitting on a desk and doing the same things everyday. I always tell my mom that i won’t do a job and that I’ll never get married, and she in turn asks me ki phir bachega kya krne ko. haha..
        That quote from Cloud atlas was a good one, i would try to read it someday, don’t know, i might not read it, not my type of book.
        Leaving for bangalore tomorrow, gya exam bhaad mai!!


      • Thats quite alright. Not every book appeals to every one. I could never read Midnight’s children, however hard I try 😦 Watch the movie though, you will get some idea.

        As I always say, never let these exams/jobs/degrees define you- make it go the other way round 🙂

        Stay happy 🙂


  2. We live in a world we do not understand. And there are no accidents.Just destiny 🙂 Keep walking the path.
    And yeah, keep penning these posts – you are good at it. You never know, a few years down the line – it is these posts that you will read and be amused!!


    • I know its a strange feeling. I read my diaries from childhood, the entries make me laugh at my silliness. I used to write about every stupid thing. May be these blog posts would turn out to be equally amusing. Its about connecting the dots, we’ll get the complete picture at the end.


    • Sometimes the decisions we take are also influenced by destiny. For some creepy reason I took a decision to join engineering. I was a frustrated, mean teenager, And I took that disastrous decision. I never wanted to do that, but that one day changed the course of my entire life. I regret my decisions, that’s the worst part. And I blame destiny for it.By the way, I could never really understand, what drives what- Destiny influences choices or choices influence decisions.


  3. That was fun and a bit disappointing by the end for the taunts you face. But thats destiny and you cant run away from it. And see, your destiny wants you to give that exam now. So better stay there for another day and give your best.


  4. some times our destiny itself pulls us towards it, while we, beleaguered in the cobwebs settled around us search for answers never realize that. You’ll be there where you are meant to be.


  5. by now u might have relieved your stress by posting a blog on it.. Sometimes unexpected things happen and especially when it is not needed. No matter what decision you took, that was the fate and destiny by opting out for exam.

    It was also sad to know at the end, but I am glad for u being on this earth, else I would have never met a blogger next door.. 😉


  6. Nobody is an accident. Everybody has their own part though some people might find it only when the time comes. BTW I had the same experience with tickets 6 years ago. 🙂


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