Saathiya Style Wedding

I was probably 13 when I first watched the movie Saathiya, and being a die hard romantic I loved it to the core. It was an epic love story for me- guy meets the girl at a wedding, he falls in love, follows her everywhere, makes her fall in love with him, they elope to get married, defy their parents, romance through phones, live together, fight, and end up together after a series of misunderstandings and  tragedies. What stood out for me in the whole movie was the way in which the leads get married. Ever since I saw this movie, I wished to get married that way- go to a temple with your friends, sign the documents, look coyly at each other, smile, pose for photographs,  go back to your respective houses and wait for the right time to disclose your marriage. How the teenager in me loved that dreamy world!

But as I entered the world of adults I realized that nothing of that sort happens in real life, Bollywood earns by selling us those false dreams, life is too complicated to wrap up in just 2-3 hours. My Saathiya dreams took a backseat, and reality crept in.   But unlike me, there are people in this world who do take inspiration from movies. So, a few days back I heard about this couple who got married Saathiya style.  They were in love for more than 6 years but being from different castes, it was impossible for them to convince their parents for their union. In total filmy style they decided to get married secretively, and to wait for the right time to tell their parents about it.

For 2 years they kept their marriage a secret, no one knew about it except some close friends. And then came the day, when the girl’s parents came to know about it through an outsider. They called up the guy’s parents. After a lot of arguments, blame games, murder threats, the families gave up, and love triumphed.

They have been married for five years now and are proud parents of a little girl. They fought for their love and won. Many people will call them foolish, irresponsible for the way they got married, well, hate me for this but I call them true lovers. How many of us have the courage of doing something stupid and face its consequences? They believed in their love and followed their heart. Life is all about taking chances they say, so is it wrong to take chances in love? Probably not…

Well, how can I finish this post without telling you the moral of the story, as in for me-

My dreams of a Saathiya style wedding are back. I’ve told my guy that if ever we decide to elope, we will do it the Saathiya way and that I’ll of course run wearing a lehenga, I can’t dream of getting married wearing shorts, or jeans. That would be gross. Location koi bhi ho, mandir, court, ya arya samaj, shadi to mai lehenge mai hi krungi. And good news is that, he has agreed (as always) but he has asked me to complete all the formalities, legal work etc. (as always).

Henceforth, I wait for my wedding day…With the song Mangalyam  on my mind.  Ab thodi filmy life toh chalti hai na yaar…?

Love this song and this scene from the movie…. 🙂

Disclaimer- I am not getting married tomorrow. This plan will be executed after 7-8 years if required. Please guys stop wishing me luck…I am embarrassed. Gosh..I am just 22. (#^.^#)


15 thoughts on “Saathiya Style Wedding

  1. Mona… loved you true dreams… 🙂 🙂 I always believe that, if you wanna pursue anything in your life.. go ahead.. just do it.. after all it’s your life.. you will be responsible for everything which happens.. at least you will not curse anyone else for wrongs happening in your life… it will be you n only you- responsible for everything- good or bad…!!!

    It’s really hard to explain your parents about your dream of spending your life with someone else… it really takes a toll on everybody- your parents, on you both… no one wins and no one gets defeated.. no one is right… no one is wrong… that’s the irony of this Sathiya Style Story… 😦 can tell you coz I’m currently going thru this.. 😥 n it’s really really tough to take a correct decision…

    But anyways… All the very best for you 😉 🙂


    • I wish..we could really follow our heart, its so tough specially in the society we live in. That’s the thing about being in love in India, you really don’t know what to do. You are bound to hurt somebody, either yourself or your parents.
      Oh, I can understand how tough it would be for you. I wish you the best..hope you make the correct decision and that your parents support you in everything you do. Really good luck for that. 🙂


  2. I thought you were getting married till I reached the end of the post. 🙂
    I always wanted a court marriage and everyone in my family and Geet’s family was ready for that except my mom. My heart still pains when I think of all that money flushed away.
    Best of luck for your wedding, whenever that happens. 🙂


    • Haha..that’s why I had to put a disclaimer!! 😛
      If i get married to this guy, then it’ll surely be a court marriage, otherwise agar arranged marriage hui to gharwalon ko loot lungi, or khungi ab bhugto!!! 😉


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