The Independent Girl


She was an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams, aged twenty one, she faced each day with a smile on her face. She was the prettiest and the eldest among three sisters.

He was a rich, spoilt brat and a college leader. With a property worth millions, there was nothing he was deprived of. He was a budding politician and with his political links and his money he had the power to get anything he wanted.

He liked her the day he saw her and in spite of announcing his love publicly, following her everywhere and showering her with compliments and gifts, he was unable to convince her to marry him.  She was the only thing he couldn’t get in life. She was a challenge and he took a vow to make her his wife someday.

He attempted suicide and wrote her name in his suicide letter. There was a police case and they were the talk of the town, the matter was discussed in colleges, in every house hold, and with his political influences, even in the local newspapers. Fearing he might attempt suicide again his family contacted her parents and fearing the society and that no one will marry their daughters ever, they accepted their proposal.

She married him, accepting her fate, ready to face life without a smile on her face.

He married her, proving it to everyone that there’s nothing he can’t get in his life.


I am walking down the road with my mom as I see her strolling in her garden. Her daughter, now two years old, is sleeping peacefully resting her head on her shoulder. She greets my mom and they start talking. She doesn’t know me but I know her story. She looks happy today, I’ve never seen her smiling before. An arrest warrant has been issued against her husband in a murder case and he is presently absconding. If caught, he would be jailed for a minimum of seven years; I’ve heard people talking about the case.

In my thoughts, I equate his arrest to her independence, and I pray for it. I look at her daughter, she is her exact replica. I wonder how different her fate would be from her mother’s fate. She is the sole owner of the entire property; she’ll live her life like a princess but with a regret of having a criminal as a father. I cast away the thoughts of her father from my mind and pray for her better future. Suddenly, she wakes up and gives me a warm smile, as if saying amen to my prayer. I smile back at her and then, we walk away.

Symbol for a change…may be!

Image from here.

16 thoughts on “The Independent Girl

  1. Hey Poetess…

    You are getting mature in your writing 🙂 i felt nostalgic while reading your story. I also used to pour my feelings like you but things changed in last few months and i bored myself and my readers with feeling less posts. So, your soulful writing revived me.

    Thanks Poetess.


    • You can always try to come back. I myself left writing a lot many times, but writing didn’t leave me. I am sure you’ll make a great comeback.Start pouring your feelings again. 🙂


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