Meeting Old Friends

Dear friends,

I know you all have missed me immensely and that each day in the past three months of your life have passed waiting for my touch. I know how desperately you want me to read you, to mark words,lines and paragraphs with colored pens, to feed your words into my memory. I acknowledge the ways you tried to draw my attention towards you, sometimes even showing your presence in my nightmares. Today, I give up. I’ve realized that you love me, and you are in no mood to leave my side. And that’s why I’ve decided to give you all a chance and bring you back into my life. Yes, I am ready to face you all over again. I’ve realized that I need you the way you need me, may be I need you more. You are the only way, I can thrive in this world. You are my true companion, my support, my way, and my destination.

Welcome back to my world…

Yours truly,

Mona. 😦

I hate you, like I love you!

I hate you, like I love you!

16 thoughts on “Meeting Old Friends

  1. 🙂 🙂
    No matter how much we hate these (old?) friends, they ultimately interest us…
    A few of of them are/were my friends too…
    And another point… it’s
    I hate you (like I love you)
    You forgot the brackets… The most important 😛


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