Under The Sunset Sky

The sunset this evening…

Sitting under the sunset sky,

I think of the times passed by,

Of all the cheesy lines that you said,

Of all the mails that went unread,

Of all the poems you wrote for me,

Of all the pictures you took at sea,

Of all the moments I waited for you,

Of all the praises I doubted to be true…

But most of all,

I think of all the things that went wrong,

When you forgot me like the lyrics of an old song,

When abrupt endings became real again,

When old wounds resurfaced with even more pain,

When I realized we can no longer be friends,

And that nothing lasts forever, everything ends.

Sitting under the sunset sky,

I wonder why,

It’s so hard for me,

To bid you goodbye…

32 thoughts on “Under The Sunset Sky

    • Your smile is infectious…See you made me smile too, through this comment. 🙂
      This poem was written for a mean friend, who leaves people abruptly. I hope he reads it someday and realizes his mistake. hehe.. 😛


      • Feku 😛
        I do hope he read it and liked it..and I hope you do know that he means well.
        And finally I do hope he realised his mistake and won’t do the ‘insanity’ of leaving you abruptly again 😉 😀


  1. Going through the same thing right now … thought I’d moved on but it’s been 19 months and I’m far from over it. Problem is, I don’t think I want to! 😛


    • Hmm.. its tough to take such decisions because we really don’t know what we want. Do we want to hold onto it, or do we want to let go? I can understand what you are going through. I can only tell you to try to stop thinking about it and just let time decide the flow. Sometimes, we just need to sit down and let it be. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂 *hugs*


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