Craving Freedom

What is that one thing you wanted badly in life, a job, love, family, a child, money, fame, etc.?

For me, the answer would be freedom. Yes, I want to be free, to make my decisions, to wander around, to fall in love, to get hurt, to do something adventurous, to sing aloud, to dance in the rain, to fall down, to rise up, to speak, to scream, to laugh, to walk, to run, and most importantly to make mistakes. I want to be free from all these rules, these nonsensical beliefs, the age old traditions, most importantly this fear, fear that something wrong will happen. I want to face wrong situations, I want to get lost, find a way myself, I want to face the fears I have. For once, for just once I want to live my own life. I want to find me, the real me. For once, I want people to understand that I’ve grown up, that I am not the 2 years old daughter they had, that I need to prove myself, that I need to see this world with my own eyes, this world that is selfish, mysterious, troublesome, yet beautiful with all its complexities. I want them to understand that even though they have given me this life; I do have some right to live it my own way. I promise them to be on the right path, but to find that right path, I do need to try some wrong ones.

I want to run far away, to spread my arms wide, embrace the surroundings, to close my eyes, breathe slowly and feel the air…..

I want to live as if there is no tomorrow….

I want to be free…

Just free..


13 thoughts on “Craving Freedom

  1. Hi.. where were you from so many days? Anyways.. its always good to see you 🙂 😀

    I felt the same way few years back. Things changed when I came to Chennai for my Masters n then for my job… it’s been 4 years in Chennai now.. n I think that as far as my “FREEDOM” is concerned.. yes! I’m fee (or at least I think so :))

    Reason why I narrated this small piece of my life is- things will get changed with time! You have to wait for the right time… Once you are on your own, your parents will understand you n decisions taken by you! So.. till then enjoy whatever comes your way 🙂


    • Hey, I was fine, just didn’t feel like writing anything. I was too frustrated with life. 😦
      I hope to get into a college soon, so that I can live my life my way. I was living in a different city, away from my parents, even when I was doing my masters, but I was living with their rules, their restrictions, I didn’t lie to live my life.This time when i get out of this place, i’ll do things i like, even if it makes some people unhappy. I just can’t stay this way all my life right?
      I always look forward to your comments, they bring a positive energy into my life. Thanks.
      My next post will be about Chennai.Do read it. 🙂


      • See your comment has brought smile n +ve energy in me too.. 🙂 😀
        I would love to see ur Chennai post… 🙂 😀 eagerly waiting ….. :):)

        Do watever you think is right in ur life, coz u cant make everyone happy at the same time. Always follow ur heart n listen ur inner voice, it will never guide u to wrong direction…

        Love- Pratiksha


  2. From my experience, the first step to become free is to get out of your parent’s home, even if it is for a short while. That is only when you will taste the freedom of your decisions and the confidence that you will gain will be enormous.


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