Chennai Calling…And Spider Bites!

I had applied to many colleges after I got my GATE results. Apparently my rank wasn’t good enough, so I’ve got calls from only three colleges till now.And among those three I can only report to two as  two colleges have tests/ interviews on the same date. Tomorrow I am leaving for Chennai, although the test is on 20th I’ve booked my tickets for 17th as weekend tickets are generally more costly. After getting rejected from some colleges I’ve realized one thing that,  only gate results don’t matter, you must have a heavy resume to be shortlisted for interviews and in my case, my resume sucks, adding to that I’ve spent the last year doing absolutely nothing. Why is this world so competitive? Sach kaha hai, ye ek rat race hai, agar koi 2 minute bhi aaraam krne baith jaye to ye duniya use phir kabhi mauka nahi deti! No one wants to know your state of mind, your personal problems, you have to be the best, because is country mai jo average hai, wo hamesha average hi rhega. Use mauka nahi milta kabhi aage badhne ka, even if he’s willing to sacrifice everything for it. I don’t have any reasons to explain why I wasted this one year of my life, or why I wasn’t serious till the last year of college. I am officially screwed.

I am scared, mostly because I didn’t touch my books from the past four months. Why I did that? Well, I really don’t have any answers. I was way too frustrated, I was lazy, I was bored, I had given up, I wanted something easy…reasons like these come to my mind, not exactly, but something close to these. I don’t have any hopes to get through the written tests/ interviews these good institutions take. I don’t even feel like travelling this much to get rejected. I gave up when I was almost few meters away from my dream.  I should have studied, but trust me, I didn’t really know how, I was so dejected, so frustrated with everything. I wrote GATE,  I got a rank, that was it, I was saturated beyond imagination. I know I am making stupid excuses now and I am the reason for all my miseries but seriously I just can’t study anymore. If somehow, I get into a college, for free, without writing more exams, I am happy with it. I just don’t know how to fight anymore. Moreover, I really don’t know why I’ve to be the only one who has to fight so much, why can’t I get anything easily.

Well, enough of my rant now. Let’s see, what happens in Chennai. If not anything, I’ll at least get to visit a new city. I’ll keep you updated with everything that happens there. This is my life that we are talking about here, so don’t expect everything to be normal, kuch na kuch dhamaka to hoga hi. And the dhamaka has already started, this evening a spider bit me, not at one but two places on my arm, it’s paining and itching like hell. In spite of the pain, I was daydreaming about how I can now turn into a Spiderwoman now. I actually tried to shoot spider webs from my wrist, yes I did that two times, sadly there were no webs, I was disappointed. 😦

A girl can dream right???

A girl can dream right???

Hey bhagwan, agar tu mujhe spiderwoman nahi bana sakta to atleast ek college hi dila de, kya bigad jaega tera agar mujh garreb ko ek seat mil jaye do saal timepass karne ke liye, bol bhagwan bol… !!! 😦

Khair, pray for me, if not college than at least an interview, I don’t want to be thrown out of the place just after the written test. If the interview happens, it’ll be the first one for me. Yes, I want to be thrashed in my first interview. Mai ye jillat seh lungi yaar, bus mujhe interview tak jana hai, itni door jake kaun khega ki mai interview se pehle hi out ho gyi. 😦

Anyway, even if I do get rejected in the written test itself, I am gonna tell everyone that I got into the interview, yup, I’ll lie. Pehle se bta de rhi hun. 

Chalo bye bye. Reading this post, I feel like I am the most stupid person on this earth. Kya karna, chalta hai kabhi kabhi! 

P.S. Spider bites suck!!!


23 thoughts on “Chennai Calling…And Spider Bites!

  1. Just be brave and face them with a smile.
    That bite looks hurting. You know what you made me even more scred of spiders, now. 😛


    • Spider bites suck..I was bitten by ants before, never before by a spider, its really painful and this hot weather is adding to the infection. I was never really scared of spiders, but given the pain and itching I am suffering from, i hate spiders now.


      • Arachnophobia shuru ho gaya kya? Anyways, Mom tells me that applying turmeric on the bite mark stops spreading the venom. apparently, it could later cause skin diseases. Take care.


      • Google uncle told me that applying papaya would help. The swelling is gone but the pain persists. It’ll be fine in 1-2 days. Its just a spider bite…how long it’ll take to be healed!
        Arachnophobia, didn’t know the word. Well, not yet, phobia nahi bus thoda sa cautious rehna pdega ab spiders se.


  2. Ohhh.. that spider bite really looks painful.. 😦 how r u baby? Any ointment or any medicine- ve u used? 😦

    Ohh toh ye baat hai… u r coming to chennai.. 😀 😀 do let me know where r u staying.. which college are u applying for? if possible let’s try to catch up…:) what do u say…??? will u?

    I don’t know.. i’m feeling happy abt ur arrival here in chennai… welcome sweetheart…!! :):):):)


    • I am doing fine. My arm hurts though. I took some antiallergics. The delhi heat is worsening the wound. But it’ll get better with time I guess.
      Yup I’ll be in Chennai tomorrow. I’ll definitely contact you if I need any help.
      Pratiksha meri pratiksha kr rhi hai. Isse better baat or kya ho skti hai…hehe! 🙂


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