Life Is Tragically Humorous

As  I’ve written in my about page, coincidences, tragedies, and comedies are a part of my life, then there are some moments where I can’t even make out if it’s a tragedy or a comedy. These are moments which make me laugh and cry at the same time. And I witnessed one such moment today.

I reached early at the railway station, and boarded my train (Coach C1, seat 27) to Delhi. The time I came in, there weren’t many people inside. I was talking to my mom when I first saw HER.

Voices inside my head:

Active Mona (AM) : Shit!! Shit! Shit…!!!!!

Shocked Mona (SM) : Is that really her?

AM: O hell yes, that’s her husband next to her.

SM: This really can’t be true.

AM: Shut up, she’s really here, now hide your face somewhere.

SM: Ok…face hidden!

AM: Turn your back.

SM: Okay.Done!

AM: Wait, she’s coming over here.

SM: Oh, Lord, she and her husband are sitting next to me. (Seat 25, 26)

AM:  Yes, they are. Stop hiding your face and act to notice her now.

SM: This really can’t be true.

So, here she was, my guy’s sister and his brother in law, seated next to me, as we boarded the train from Nainital to Delhi. I was praying that she should not identify me, but as you would have guessed it by now, she did and gave me a warm smile, saying, “Hi, Mona.. right?”

Yup, here is your culprit, already terrified by your mere presence.

“Hi, how are you?”, I gave her a big smile.

And then the conversation started. It wasn’t like I hadn’t met her before. I had, in a similar situation ( another post), but things had changed a lot in this one year, especially after the texts I sent her two months back, asking her about her brother’s whereabouts. I fought with him, and texted her in rage. She wasn’t dumb, to not know by now, that I am her brother’s girlfriend. And it really sucks to meet anyone from your boyfriend’s family, especially when your relationship is unofficial, and hidden. That too, to meet them, this way…

I texted him and then I realized he won’t get my texts before evening, he was staying at a remote place these days for his internship, and the mobile networks were weak there. I was screwed, the journey was going to be interesting.

I told you in my last post, dhamake ke bina meri zindagi adhoori hai!

What do you think it was? Out of all the hill stations of India, they went to Ranikhet to spend their holidays, they chose 16th may as a date to return back home, the day when even I had to go to Delhi, they chose the same train, the same coach and hell yes, the seats next to me!!!! How, eventful life can be!!

I was very conscious while talking to her. I was trying too hard to speak less. Knowing my ability to speak everything on my mind, I had to keep my words on check. I shouldn’t give her any signal that confirms her brother’s and my relationship. At one point of time I actually started talking about the depression he’s in right now, the study pressures, the loneliness he faces, and other serious issues. I stopped talking once I noticed the blank look on her face.  I forgot that he doesn’t share anything about his depressing life with his family.  I was screwed again, I was this girl who knew much more about her brother than her. I scolded myself and kept quite after that.

Apart from the initial shock, nothing serious really happened. We were all smiling, she never mentioned my mails or my texts, and I was my best self, eating, drinking, talking, reading like a perfect girl. If only I looked as good as her, she looks amazing but then I was her brother’s choice and he looks…well let’s not talk about it.

There are just too many thoughts on my mind right now. And I don’t know how to express them. I am just shocked at the way life presents me with these interesting situations.

The journey started with a painful (spider bite is still there), shocking (meeting the in-laws), and sweet (the way she talked to me) note…let’s see how it ends.  🙂

P.S. Life is actually funny.









11 thoughts on “Life Is Tragically Humorous

  1. Haha 😉 You are right. It is funny.
    You could have asked her if they were seeing some girl for him… 🙂 THAT would have added a lot to the fun quotient 😛


  2. Hahahahahahahhaha.. cant stop laughing… 😀 I know its a weird situation to face ur in-laws like this dat too in front of ur mom.. 😉 but like a roller coaster ride.. life has its own ups n down… which make life live… now that you ve written abt such an exciting outset towards Chennai.. I’m eagerly waiting for your arrival.. 🙂 😀


  3. Hi Monica,
    I must say you write some pretty nice stuff. I found the whole article interesting despite you having told me the complete scenario during our travel. Keep writing and you would brush it up to become a great writer soon. Waiting for your next write up. Hope to catch up soon. Cheers!


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