About: The Future

I normally don’t follow daily prompts, but this one today caught my attention: Write the About page for your blog in 10 years. And I’ve decided to give it a try. Here we go….


I started writing this blog about 11 years ago, when I was a clueless, 21 year old girl. I was going through a hard phase in life, was broken, depressed and lost in the complexities of life. I think of the decade gone by and wonder how boring it would have been if not for the tricky situations I had to face in every sphere of life. The journey of my life as documented in this blog is a journey of a young girl who fell in have with herself over time, who discovered joy in giving rather than receiving, who fought against injustice and biased societal norms, who learned to let go and face new challenges. It hasn’t been all rosy. I’ve lost friends, trust, love, exams, money, dozens of umbrellas, and thousands of pens but slowly and steadily I’ve learnt to live  without them, to accept changes and their outcomes.

The decision to put an end to my chaotic life in big cities and move back to the homeland I left 18 years ago has proved to be blissful. This is where I always wanted to be, a midst mountains, the smell of mud and burnt wood, lush green trees and snow. I live here with my husband (we still fight a lot), our lovely little daughter, two dogs and  a cat. He hates them all except his own progeny.

The people I met over these years through this blog have inspired me in million different ways, some even proved to be great friends at times of need and despair. The journey I started here as Pseudomonaz, proved to be more real than the virtual life I was actually living.  The acceptance I got here, gave me the confidence to live my own true life. The last decade has been the most eventful time of my life and with new hopes, dreams and independence, life has only begun at thirties.

Welcome to my world… 🙂


 This is how I imagine my ‘about page’ in the next 10 years. The only thing I would like to change is my poor vocabulary and bad grammar. I hope I am a much better writer than I am today. 🙂

15 thoughts on “About: The Future

  1. First of all… the link doesn’t work… it has missed a colon… I hope you correct it…

    And a comment 10 years from now…

    I too have lost a thousand pens (or even more)… and trust, friends, exam and money… Pehle umbrella bhi loose karta tha, but then I found the best solution… Never buy an umbrella… After all rainy season is the test of friendship :P. But the best part is… I gained much of the lost trust, friends, exam and money too… Of course I didn’t get back my pens… This universe is a black hole for pens (Don’t you agree?)

    On a serious note… 11 years ago, I came here looking for friends… many came, almost all went (as usual)… but a few stayed… probably to be forever… and I am glad that you are one of those few 🙂

    A blog is a lot more real than the virtual world… I definitely second you on that… Pseudomonaz… (Oh come on! 11 years have passed by and you are still a ‘pseudo’… change your name girl…)

    I just wonder… after 11 years of the journey… Would you like you, if you meet you? ( the one you were, 11 years ago) 🙂


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  4. Haha! That was brilliant almost like calling in what you want for your future. The mind is powerful so say it over and over till it becomes real. Your life in 10years sounds peaceful. Hugs for the next 10 years. Yikes I’ll be 55. Lol


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  6. Ohhh Girl… it amazing…

    I would like to meet ur husband n ur lil cute gals n ur doggies n ur cat.. 😛

    It was seriously a post worth writing. U knw what it makes us to think that after 10 years where do we want ourselves…

    It hints me that after 10 yrs if you are not in Blore n West Bengal.. wher can I come to see u 😛


    • Well it is a very positive way to look forward to your life. If i read this ten years later I’ll see what i wanted to be ten years ago and how much have I really succeeded.
      haha… agar kahin nahi mili to pahadon mai hi milungi. You are welcome to be at my place….maje marenge. 😛


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