Young Dreams

When I was 5-6 years old I wanted to be an IAS officer, even though I didn’t know what an IAS officer was. It was something that was fed into my mind by my elders. The only thing I knew was that, this person called IAS officer is a very important person and he has got this chair in which he can let people sit. Now everyone used to ask me whom would I permit to sit on my chair and I would proudly say that the first person would be my mama and the last one, my dad. For many years that was my dream, so much so that when I saw a shooting star one night during my childhood days, you can guess what I wished for.

When I turned 11, I was the tallest girl in my locality, and everyone used to tease me saying you are growing up like a model. Hearing that I would drape duppatas around my body and cat walk like a model. Yup, those were the days when I even dreamed of becoming a model. I never told anyone about it but I was actually pretty serious about it those days. It all sounds so funny now; I wonder how stupid I was.

Later, my brother got into a medical college and seeing everyone admire him so much for his intelligence, I made up being a doctor as my only goal in life. Just to let you know, none of my dreams were fulfilled and I ended up being an engineer, the profession I hated the most in my childhood.

That was my story.

Now coming to the life of a young girl aged 16 whom I teach biology these days, well… she has got a dream to be an actor and act in CID, yup the TV show that is as old as her. She’s so crazy about it that she keeps blabbering about it all the time I try teaching her. She’s the biggest fan of Daya( Dayanand Shetty) in this universe. Last month she actually sent cards and letters for Daya, and the entire CID team. While her parents had engaged her into tuitions for almost 18 hours a day so that she can get into either an engineering or a medical college, this little girl dreams about acting along with Daya someday. Every time I look at her, I see a young me, you know the once chirpy, cute little girl.  She tells me so enthusiastically about acting, CID, Daya, Abhijeet that I find myself wondering where her dreams would lead her. Would she be able to achieve them, or would she be like me, lost, always trying to find happiness in things she never wished to do.

The card she made for CID team. The letter is an epitome of her innocence.

The card she made for CID team. The letter is an epitome of her innocence.

The card she made for her favorite actor in the whole world...

The card she made for her favorite actor in the world…

Like all grown-ups I keep telling her to focus on her studies and forget about acting, but in a little corner of my heart I wish to see her dream come true, I want her to live her fairy-tale… for herself and yes, for me so that I can muster the courage to dream again… just like my own younger days.