I was home last month and visited my maternal village after a really long time. I have written about my favorite place before. This time when I was there, I saw something which we normally don’t get to see these days in towns and big cities- Sparrows. My uncle’s place was filled with sparrows. They were everywhere- in the courtyard, in the walls, trees, making nests in the stone terrace. And I was following them everywhere to get their pictures though I couldn’t get close enough to get a clear view.

House sparrows are an endangered species in India. I have hardly seen sparrows in Bangalore,Bengal and even in the small town where my parents live. I hope these pictures remind us all to take care of these beautiful,little creatures.

12 thoughts on “Sparrows

  1. First to let you know that You have stolen away my next post. 😦 This is exactly what I was about to write in my next post. However, happy to see that someone somewhere is looking at the world in the same way I do. 😀 Anyways, nice to see you sharing this. I appreciate the people who observe these little changes in nature, neither all can see this and nor they care.


    • Haha…You can write the post again and I am very sure your photographs would be way better than mine. 🙂
      My childhood was spent looking at these little creatures, feeding them rice stolen from my mom’s stores…And so it was disturbing to notice their complete absence from my little town. It is only in my village that I got to see so many sparrows.


      • Yeah, I had seen the pics of your place shared earlier on your blog. Wonderful place it is! I also remember pics of Bhola.. Hope he is doing fine, is he? Also, you are far better than me in photography. Be assured. Actually I don’t do much. 😉 Even if I have to, I won’t be able to catch sparrows as they are already vanished from our place. 🙂


      • Bhola is fine…He gets a little weak in summers though. 😦
        Photographs are always beautiful…I guess a picture is perfect if it conveys the meaning it intend to…we are all good photographers in one way or another. 🙂


  2. In Bombay they used to mark their attendance off and on till very recently. Not sure where they have gone. Momma used to keep (and still does it in Lucknow) a chotu container with water for them…They are just like our childhood, flying away and leaving memories with us. Hope they don’t get extinct.


    • When I was a kid I used to keep rice and water in two different containers in a rocky wall in front of my house. Their little fights and the chirps started my mornings everyday in my childhood.
      Your comparison of sparrows with our childhood is really beautiful. I hope they are always there to remind us of our good olden days. 🙂


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