Writing 101: Just Writing

I just saw an update from The Daily Post and their writing prompt called Writing 101 which started on 2nd June. I didn’t know about it before as I didn’t have internet access that time. I have decided to participate in it even though I am quite late. But writing can start anytime right, we don’t need a specific time or place to write. The first prompt is to unlock one’s mind and just write whatever comes to mind so here I start:

1. I am sitting in my room right now, a room which I presently share with another girl. Soon there will be two more girls joining us…yes four people share one room in our college! Well, she is a little annoying because half of the time she talks to her boyfriend over phone and another half she talks about him with her friends. Her world starts and ends with her boyfriend. I am irritated with her “talks”.

2. Last month I visited my hometown after four years. It was a great vacation for me even though I was surprised to see so many changes in my small town. I went to my first neighborhood, the place where I spent my entire childhood after a span of eight years. The kids who used to hold my hand and go to school have grown up and have already passed high school. Yes, they made me feel old, really old.

3. Every time I leave home, I wonder if I’ll be able to see my mom again. She has become old and fragile. With already half her body paralyzed and a severe heart condition, I always dream about the day she won’t be with me. I recently installed a call recorder in my phone to record her calls because I don’t know who’ll call me five times a day after her. I am really being a bitch by imagining her death but I can’t help it. I can see how difficult it is for her to endure all that pain, but she’s one strong lady, someone I’ve never seen crying over her condition. Now all that she cares about is me…her selfish, mean daughter.

4. I can’t write anymore because the last point made me too emotional.


3 thoughts on “Writing 101: Just Writing

  1. Don’t push yourself to the wall and I understand your feeling owing to ur mom’s illness. May she gets strength to cope with the illness and treasure the moments spent with her.


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