The Excuses Writers Make

Ever since I joined college I didn’t write as much as I used to write before. I went for months without writing, and even though I regretted it I didn’t know what to do about it. And every time my friends or my fellow blogger’s asked me about my blog, I gave them different excuses. Well, they didn’t seem like excuses but genuine problems back then and now that I’ve started writing again I know that although writing is difficult but with some extra effort we can try to overcome our assumed writer’s block.

So, coming to the excuses I made, first and foremost was the classic “I am busy” excuse. Really, I don’t know why I never got the time to write those days. Yes, there was college but apart from that I spent all my time watching movies or some random videos on You tube. Trust me, You tube is a murderer of all writing ideas. When you are addicted to it, there is nothing else you can do. I don’t know what I got from watching all those meaningless songs and funny videos. Now, that I think of it, the time spent on it would have been utilized to do so many useful things. I am busier than ever before but now I keep some extra time for writing alone. Even if I write a 100 word poem I make it a point to post it on my blog. When I see people reading it and the stats going up, it automatically forced me to write more.

Now that I am writing from almost two years I know a lot many bloggers personally and I have even met a few of them. And that’s where the problem started for me. As I write a lot of personal posts, my real world started clashing with my virtual world. I was scared to post many things on my blog. I would always think, now that he/she knows me personally what would they think of me. I didn’t realize when this “What would people think of me” excuse became the biggest hindrance on my way to write. I couldn’t gather myself to write as freely as I used to write before. It all feels stupid now, as in my personal life I made it a point not to worry about what people think of me. I realized that  even if they criticize you it’s for your own good. Instead of worrying about my real life being affected by my blog life, I should have concentrated more on being a better person; to take criticism positively and not let it affect my writing abilities.


The third and the most important excuse was the “I am such a shitty writer” excuse. It was like when I first started blogging I never expected the response that I got initially from my posts. I was new to blogging and saw people all over the world reading my stuff. I was overwhelmed beyond any measures. I wrote everyday, and waited to get those likes, comments on my posts. But slowly and slowly the response got fiddled. In the quest to write better posts I made mistakes, and lost my readership.images

I wanted to please everyone but that my friend is impossible. We can never ever please everybody. There will always be people who would criticise you no matter what. And as I have quoted Margaret Atwood before, “If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word”.

So, the best thing is to just let go, and write whatever you wish to write, even if it seems stupid, foolish or illogical to you, there might be someone in the whole wide world who would find some logic in it. The key is to never give up, and keep trying, not to please others but to keep your passion of writing alive.

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6 thoughts on “The Excuses Writers Make

  1. I haven’t experienced the I am busy phase but the part where I am constantly concerned about what people think and that I’m a shitty writer crosses my mind every single day. As much as I’ve told myself that I don’t care about what others have to say. I managed deleting my first blog just cause a few relatives even read it hahaha 😛 They didn’t even criticize. Just took my fiction stories a little seriously and got concerned I guess. So yeah, what you’ve written really resonates with my thoughts and I’m trying now to change 😀 and I hope I will.
    Very well written 🙂


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