And Here I Am, Once Again

So…. it’s been a long time since I wrote anything here, and this has been my opening sentence for almost all the posts I wrote in the last two years. Well, I am back… to the place where my unemployed self belongs. It was three years ago in August when I started writing here, and found a new world. It started a journey of self discovery for me, something that changed my perspective on a lot many things. I owe a lot of what I am today to that one year when I blogged rigorously. Things haven’t changed much on the professional front except that I am a post graduate now (Mona with another useless degree) but I feel different on personal levels. Unlike my undergraduate days, I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the last two years. I made some good friends, and their support helped me to be more confident. I bunked classes, watched hundreds of movies ( Oh, I miss the free LAN), gave lots of gyaan to my friends and roommates, flirted with lots of guys, broke their heart , enjoyed parties, college fests and did all those things one associates with college life. Though most importantly, I finally realized that biotech isn’t for me and so after 7 years of studies and two degrees later I have decided to throw it all away and find a new career path. I just want to change my life for good, to be “something”, even though I don’t know what that “something” is, I have this strange kind of hope that it is possible to be “that”. So this “something” is the only constant thing that hasn’t changed in the past few years.

I know it’s been a long time since any of you heard anything from me but I hope that someone, somewhere is reading this… It would really encourage me to write more. Three years ago when I started writing here, I didn’t know that a real person would ever read any of my stuff but you guys did and it helped me a great deal in life.  I hope we all are still together in this journey… 🙂

19 thoughts on “And Here I Am, Once Again

  1. I am reading this, rather awaiting your next post. But even if that were not the case, writing about your thoughts makes you reinforce the things in your own head clearly, more than anything else. I believe that is a good enough reason to keep writing 🙂


    • Yes…That’s true.. Actually that was the whole point of starting a blog, to document everything going on in my life here and learn from it… 🙂 Btw are you new here? I haven’t checked your blog yet. I miss those good old days of blog-trotting… 🙂


  2. Of-course yes! I am reading your blog and a human (you can check asking to enter the CAPTCHA:)) I am happy that you enjoyed your vacation, oops! I should mention College. So if you gona throw your PG, I am worried, India would loose one Scientist.


    • Thank you fellow Human for reading my blog… 🙂 Ya, I did enjoy my PG… and India would be okay without me being a scientist…I would do “something” else and contribute to our country’s prosperity.. 🙂


      • 😂😂😂😂 bahahaha
        I am so sorry for the confusion. I forgot to write my name at the end 🙈🙈
        I had to change my name coz my brother had started to read a lot of blogs 🙈🙈
        I am good too 😊
        Thank you Mona😘😘


  3. Hey there! I’ve missed your blog posts lately and your’s are in the list I always look forward to read. The ‘broke their heart’ part was a bit harsh btw (sorry, just commenting what I felt).
    And talking about career, I’ve heard that there’s a new branch of science called astro-biology, where extra-terrestrial life is investigated. Maybe looking at earthlings and pathogens do not interest you, But does the idea of searching for ET’s excite you? Just wondering cause it’d be good if you put your degree to some good use (You’ve spend lot of time on earning those degrees for sure).
    That’s something that I’ve always loved to do, but unfortunately my degree is not biology.
    Just saying 🙂
    But it’s your life, your choices. Whichever route you take, Don’t hold regrets. Be happy!
    Have a beautiful day n stay blessed!


    • I am done with biology… i got so frustrated with it during my masters that I don’t see myself pursuing it any further..It’s not the subject that I hate, it’s just the way its treated in our country..there is absolutely no scope to pursue biotechnology in India… I was pretty disappointed with the way we had to work in our labs with scarce resources,and the politics associated with it… I got so fed up with all of it. I had no idea about astro biology, sounds interesting… I’ll look for it.
      As for the “broke their heart” was all in good faith..I didn’t actually break anyone’s heart… its a whole post in itself..I’ll surely write about it. 🙂
      I guess you are done with your graduation too…I hope everything’s going well in your life.. 🙂


  4. Good to see that you are back.. 😀 I came into that ‘Biotech realisation’ long back, I guess around Btech third year. But still I did masters, bcoz of that college experience which I didn’t get in my first one. I hope you find your something and I hope, really hope, you write often. Lots of love ☺️


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